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    Solent Stay H36

    Thank you for the insight and pictures. Couldn't agree more about an inner forestay support option, hence the lean towards a solent which I think would be a decent compromise - "easier" deck reinforcement options, and a lack of need for a aft "baby-stay" if I understand the concept properly.
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    Solent Stay H36

    Thank you Jim. Yeah, I'm not too hopeful that I can use the aft portion of the anchor locker as a sound enough attachment point without some significant reinforcement, so while that may be a more efficient location for heavier wind sailing (assuming a reefed main) I may have to stick with plan...
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    Solent Stay H36

    Unfortunately a bit bored at the moment and toying with ideas. Looking for a "storm" sail option. I am inclined towards something like the ATN Gale Sail, but then stumbled upon a lot of chatter about adding a solent stay...curious if anyone has attempted something similar on 80's vintage...
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    37 Cutter Portlights

    Thanks sandpiper...I've never worked with foam - but it would be the same stuff they use as a core replacement for decks. My plan was to use Divinycell H80 Grid that Jamestown Distributors sells. Just seemed like an easy thing to shape in order to fit the irregular voids I expect to find when...
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    37 Cutter Portlights

    We used NFM a handful of years ago as replacements for all the port lights. They function and last much better then the original, and really transform the look of the boat. Quick to open and close/secure. They do take some adjustments to get them "right". However we are in the process of...
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    1981 Hunter 30 main sheet / traveler / boom rigging

    This post motivated me to make some "upgrades" to the H36 main sail control (or lack thereof) that I have dealt with for some time. First "easy" project was to make an outhaul that actually worked. The stock car that the mainsail clew was attached with is nice, but it doesn't move at all when...
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    Boom vangs

    Just installed a "homemade" rope vang on our '82 Hunter 36. A couple of low friction rings and two (overpriced blocks from West Marine) plus some Amsteel Blue..line leads through a deck organizer to the cockpit with a Garhauer Rope Clutch. I haven't tested it yet though. With TS Isaias on her...
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    A cure for leaking chainplates

    What thickness did you use?
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    Shower refinishing

    oh and x2 on Rustoleum Topside paint - good product for a good price!
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    Shower refinishing

    Fantastic job - looks better than a factory job. I love our Natures head - we have one in our 1982 36' - one of the best "upgrades" we've done. However, it is tall, so "one day" in plan to cut out the platform where the original head sat, but I was always afraid of how to rebuild it - your...
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    running rigging replacement.

    I use 7/16" (11mm) for the main and Jib halyards - I purchased the line from Fisheries Supply (they had the best prices I could find at the time) and then spliced my own shackles. Considerably cheaper even when you factor in the fid kit I needed. I used 115' for the main halyard (controlled in...
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    '81 Hunter 36 cockpit drain hose question (H37 similar?)

    Sounds like you have your answer - just sharing a picture as to what we did a loooong time ago. The original hoses were replaced with 1-1/2" black hose. Here is a picture that I took some years ago when I needed to have the Rudder Stuffing Box rebuilt. You can make out the CP drain hoses on...
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    Does anyone know what the 36 was designed for?

    From my understanding, the 36 was a stretched 33. So Cherubini may not have designed the 36 per se, but he did design the 33 and Hunter just stretched it a bit for more room, etc. At least that is what I garnered after reading various posts and random articles, but I have nothing to reference...
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    First Sail In Awhile

    Ouch - the wife almost did the same thing Saturday while we were getting ready to wash the boat (the marina finally turned the water supply back on after a long winter). Luckily I was holding her arm or it could have been a nasty fall. Not sure what she did - all happened in slow-motion. But...
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    First Sail In Awhile

    Made it out Thursday for a day sail. Not a whole lot of wind at first, but that allowed me to get the jib on and eventually had a great day. Freshly cleaned bottom, so we were able to make hull speed a few times with occasional puffs. New sails really hold their shape so much better then the...