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    Beneteau Spare Parts Website

    Understand what led up to the shutdown, but it would be nice if they had a human to answer the phone to advise of the situation and plans for the future.
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    Beneteau 393 battery charger location

    Forward wall that separates the lazarette from the aft cabin
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    Beneteau 393 battery charger location

    The charger is above the aft AC unit (under the shelf)
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    Beneteau 393 battery charger location

    On my 2004 2 cabin 393, the charger was nicely hidden under the shelf in the starboard side cockpit aft lazarette. Impossible to view this misplaced item without a mirror or dropping an infant into the space. I ultimately replaced the factory unit and moved it above the shelf for easier...
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    Attack of the killer carp

    For those of you who share the fresh water environment, we are blessed to avoid the barnacles and other scourges that plague our salt water brethren. Instead of barnacles, those of us in fresh water see various versions of slime and other speed slowing growths. This slime and growths also...
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    What the heck is: Loran 797

    My first “big boat” was also an O’Day 25 and came with a Sitex LORAN unit. At that time in 2000, GPS was just entering the consumer market and a big, clunky device that displayed only Lat/Long was priced well above $2,000. Ultimately, GPS provided a more accurate Lat/Long than LORAN...
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    Looking at a Beneteau Oceanis 393

    At risk of recommending another site, take a look at the site dedicated to Beneteau 393 owners. This was formerly a Yahoo Group site, but moved to group’ when Yahoo shut down their groups. There are hundreds of owners on this site with a ton of owners who would be delighted to...
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    Refrigeration - My big off season project

    I will venture a guess that this thread will resemble "what anchor is best." My Beneteau 393 was equipped with an Adler Barbour freezer and spill over refrigerator. Following a failure of the compressor, I replaced the original with a new Dometic (which took over AB) compressor, but...
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    Electric toilets ... like them or not?

    We installed a sea water version of a Raritan SeaEra electric and is has performed flawlessly since installation. It is a bit loud, but is controlled by a single button that makes it easy for use by guests (way easier to instruct on use than a manual version). Our boat is a two head version...
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    Boat Babe on Strike!

    OK, I have accepted the reality that the Babe and her new boat are out there cruising the world and the picture thread has run its course. Just curious if anyone has heard any updates on how the Babe and boat are doing?
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    Several years ago, I purchased a set of Fuji 12X32 stabilized binocs-one of the best boat items I have ever purchased. We have used them on multiple offshore trips and they are invaluable. Once you use them and then revert to the traditional 7X50's, you wonder why you even bothered to pick up...
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    373 propane locker capacity

    The 393 has locker for two 10 lb tanks-nothing larger will fit. We are not live aboards, but are frequent weekenders year around and only use little more than one tank a year.
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    Show us your boat name!

    Our last charter
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    Proof of the notion that God watches out for fools and drunks.
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    Boat Babe on Strike!

    I tend to support JRacer's thought on this thread. The Babe certainly deserves a Hall of Fame spot in the SBO community, but this thread has wandered off in too many off topic directions. Time to move on to greener pastures and new topics.