About me/us.. I'm an outdoor enthusiast to the 3rd degree.
no matter what im doing, the weather doesnt slow me down. I do a lot of camping, ATV riding, and boating... and all things associated with each "sport". I like to fish, shoot/hunt, rock hound, hike, and roadtrips, no matter if its the desert, the coast or mountain region.
after being married for 20yrs to the wrong woman, we divorced... then 5yrs later I finally found a woman who can truly keep up with me so I married her.
since then its been a constant honeymoon and we are always on the go. we have a nice home and business but now its mostly phone work for us, as we have employees taking care of the customers, so we get a lot of time off to do whatever we want to do. so we are always packed and ready to go for another adventure at a moments notice.
December 1
Cal 34-III, MacGregor 25 Nu Liberte' 1977 OR US Salem, Oregon 77 Cal 34-III sail
82 Macgregor 25 sail
77 Macgregor 21 sail
72 Bayliner 26 Saratoga Express powerboat, this boat was set up as a custom dive boat with a large enclosed heated cabin with an equally large raised rear deck platform for divers to don and doff their gear.
previous to the Bayliner 26, I had many powerboats and lots of fixing, adding and modifcations I was born into the western timber industry and quickly found It didnt fit my ambitions in life. I then went into the heavylift crane and rigging industry where I stayed for 23 years until I retired.
I then started my own heavy equipment/crane repair business.
I am the only authorized independent JLG/GradAll service provider in the northwest. (parts and service)
I have a lifetime of experience as a powerboater. mostly working on commercial fishing boats, or for sport on my own boats (diving-fishing), but with a life change came new experiences. I am now into my third sailboat and still loving every minute of it. like many others have said before me, I wish I would have "discovered" it and made the switch from power to sail years ago. I have found I like the slower paced cruising, and camping on the boat for extended periods.
Racing is not for me.
I also like to tinker and make things work better and more efficient and a sailboat seems to fit my desires perfectly in every way.... Advanced Heavy Equipment & Crane Repair


Nu Liberte' Cal 34-III
Ansucian Mac 25

The most Affordable way to do Anything, is by Doing it Right the First Time.....

A Boat, like a Woman, likes to look Good and be Noticed.. Give her Lots of Kind Attention and Adorn Her with some Jewelry so She Sparkles a bit, and She will Make You Proud to be Seen with Her!

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