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    Prada cup on TV

    Watching the live coverage on NBCSN tonight. That first 45 minutes focusing on what happened to American Magic to cause the incident and all that went on after was great. Learned a lot on what caused it but also, sailors are sailors, we take care of our own.
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    Winter sailing

    It's a bit difficult to sail right now. The ice fisherman are enjoying the 30 degree weather though. Ice boats had some good conditions in December as we had little or no snow but below freezing temps. Been sailing on the lake in November with a temp of 31 and about 10kts of breeze. That's what...
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    Digital sextant

    I agree why would you? GPS is better and the only reason I have a sextant is that I wanted to learn how just for fun.
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    Prada cup on TV

    I am one of the apparent few that records it all and watches it. Actually, I have a few friends that do the same. 24 hours of Daytona coming up soon too. Le Mans is on the bucket list, already do Indy, except this past year of course, for the last 11 years. AS far as I am concerned, auto racing...
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    Lifting off trailer?

    Boat stands would be tough. Need a way to lift the boat and get the stands under it. There are multiple examples of people using multiple jacks and large timbers to support the boat. YMMV as to the size of the boat, the money, and the effort you want to put in to do this.
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    Prada cup on TV

    The capsize was after they got up in the air and almost went over. It slammed back on the sea and then slowly rolled over. Most likely from water entering from the hole that was created when they came back down. Not being able to ease the main enough of course contributed as well with the...
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    Prada cup on TV

    Looks like they are just going to skip the rest of the round robin and fix the boat. Also got the batteries out and no hydraulic fluid leaked in to the sea. Guess it was the smack down on the water that holed her.
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    Prada cup on TV

    So they have 4 days to fix Patriot or they will have to race their first generation boat. That is another disadvantage of course. Haven't dig in to it yet myself but, say they end up sailing the first gen boat, they will be in third and have to race against the 2nd place boat later this month...
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    Prada cup on TV

    From what I have read so far, it was the force of " landing " that caused the hole. Have seen some speculation also that something inside broke free and busted through. Can't find any official info yet though.
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    Prada cup on TV

    Well, that was an exciting day on the water. A bit too much, no idea why American Magic tried to pull that off on the last Mark rounding. Tactics have been an issue in the Prada Cup for the US.
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    Prada cup on TV

    The next races are, US dates, Jan 16, 21, 22, & 23. Check your NBC Sports Network schedule. For me in the central time zone, 16th is at 11pm and is "tape delay". 21st is at 11:30pm and is delay, 22nd is at 8pm and is live, 23rd is at 10pm and is delay. The boats are very similar, there are...
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    Exactly, I had to click the Ignore Thread button twice......
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    Wire Size to Bus Bar?

    How long is your run from the breaker/fuse? If the run to the bus bar is properly sized, I would continue with that size from the bus bar to the battery depending on the distance.
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    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    The big orange dial is a battery selector switch. It is for a two battery bank system. Rule of thumb is even days would be "2" and odd days would be "1". But yeah, that whole electrical situ looks like a candidate for replacement. Here is a thread on my electrical re-fit. You probably don't need...
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    Rope Clutch or Spinlock PXR?

    I wouldn't use a PXR for this. On cabin top or not, they always seem to be popped open at the most inopportune time. For halyard, I would go for a clutch.