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    Slip docking

    I have owned boats from 22' to 51'. I have alwayshadaspring line ready. However in St. Thomas, Red Hook Marina, I was assigned a slip without a side dock. The wind was between 25 to 35. I was driving my 51' Idylle and towing a dinghy. The manouver required to apriach downwind, make a shro right...
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    Dangers of spinakers

    On my boats, I have always used what I call a belly button line. In the 70's and early 80's it was very common. Many one design classes uses them. When it is time to drop the chute, you can pull on that line being fed through the gorward hatch and back to the cockpit. Ease all the lines and pull...
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    Pointing higher?

    Heeling eliminates some side slip because if the wing. If the wing is horizontal your draft is less. Heeling increases some what. Look at the Americas cup monohull. Long wings to increase draft that the increases lift.
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    bent rudder shaft

    It was foam core. Using the plank, I distributed the load along the whole trailing edge. The boat had a skeg originally. However when I bought it from the Naval Academy, it was swinging back and forth. After removing it and glassing it to the rudder, I got rid of the heavy helm. The rudder shaft...
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    bent rudder shaft

    I had a Seidelman 30 and in 1983 just before the Marblead - Halifax race we hit a rock and bent the rudder to the point where it would no from lock to lock. Three days before the race we removed the rudder by pushing it down with a stick and out if the water. We attached a couple af clamps and a...
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    Pointing higher?

    I had a 1987 wing/bulb Legend 35. (hunter). The draft was only 4.5' but was able to go upwind better than a J - 30. The abilty to go to windward is directly proportional to the draft. What you need to do is not sail boat flat while going up wind. Sometimes I sailed the boat at 20 degrees of...
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    Considering a Catalina 30

    Come to St Croix and we can compare my hull # 364 against yours. I went to Puert del Rey with stops in Culebra and back via STT & BVI.
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    Considering a Catalina 30

    I have a 1976 Catalina 30 in St. Croix, USVI. Takes me anywhere I want to go and also race her. Here you only need a 125% genoa on a furler. I have a custom made Main with a longer hoist and foot. Also with more roach. She is well balanced and with one reef, I have raced her with winds gusting a...
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    slippery deck

    I painted non skid on mine.
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    Jacklines on a C30?

    The tether shown here is not a good offshore unit. The end that clips to the harness should be a quick release snap shackle. Mine has that plus double lines to connect to thejack lines. You might need to disconnect and reconnect. With two you are always attached. Also there should be a line...
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    Scientific Definition Of Sailing Terms

    In 5th grade, were asked to bring a couple of business cards to perform an experiment on lift. We bent the cards in s slight curve and holding them apart about 1/2' apart in front of my mouth. I blew between them and they moved towards each other demonstrating "lift". From there we started...
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    Times Up?

    I moved aboard my Hunter Legend 35 in 1993. I was 53 and at 55 with a retirement package, my girl friend and I left Annapolis with stops in KeyWest, back to Miami, the Bahamas, Caicos and Fajardo, PR. We raced the house and won just about everything. Two years later we returned to F. Lauderdale...
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    Spreadsheets? Do any of you use them to track your expenses?

    My wife and I have been tracking all of our expenses since 1992. We know to the penny how much and in what category we have spent our money. We lived and traveled in our 35 and then 52 footer since then until 2010. There were separate entries for the boat. Except for food and drink, we were...
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    What is this pump for?

    Not original equipment. Follow the hoses.
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    Using outboard on Catalina 30

    Did not see the picture. Fresh water cooled engines have a heat exchanger and a fresh water pump similar to your car. Most, if not all, Atomic 4 engines are only raw water cooled. Mine was raw water cooled and I lived in Marblehead, MA at the time. I would close the seacock, open the strainer...