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    caverun replied to the thread H240 hatch board storage?.
    On my previous 240 I made a set of slotted brackets to hold the 3 boards vertical in the aft fuel locker. I used starboard and cut the...
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    That's good news- BTW I've had good luck with the Aqua-Kem chemical for the waste tank- really controls the odor well for several weeks...
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    My previous 240 had a Sanipottie brand portable toilet- made by Sealand (might be Dometic now). It had the metal hold-down brackets on...
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    caverun replied to the thread H260 Solar Panel.
    In hindsight probably would have done the same if I knew the rail mounts would not hold the weight that far out and would need a third...
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    caverun posted the thread H260 Solar Panel in Smaller Boats.
    My 260 has 2 batteries and came with a 15 watt flexible solar panel that was no longer charging- I measured 16V and only 5mA. I'm on a...
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    caverun replied to the thread Now have name on boat.
    Love the name and the font she used!
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    caverun replied to the thread Cleats.
    The backing plate document that Crazy Dave mentioned shows the sizes of the backing plates. On the 260 #18 plates for the bow cleats are...
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    caverun replied to the thread A few 260 upgrades.
    Can you share some details on your ACR install on a 260? Mounting location etc? Upgrading my solar charging and an ACR is on the list to...
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    caverun replied to the thread H 240 table.
    Here's the stock 240 table in my previous boat- it mounts on a vertical slide-in bracket in the cabin and in the cockpit. The post does...
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    caverun replied to the thread Shroud on deck.
    The old style rubber retaining plugs are now made by Hayn- sized for the wire diameter: Departments - Hayn T-Bar Backing Plate Retaining...
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    caverun reacted to SkookumZac's post in the thread H23.5 sliding hatch with Like Like.
    Ok, so here's the hatch that came with the boat, it was fogged up and sagging in the middle. It appears to be lexan. The dimensions...
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    caverun replied to the thread Hunter 240 Electrical Panel.
    Also check the negative bus, which on my 240 was a bolt connecting all the ring terminals on the black wires to the negative lead from...