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    Alternative Windlass Use

    Is it a one-person job? That is the question to ask yourself. Many cruisers have likened the dingy to the family car, a resources used every day to get here and there and run errands. With davits it is a one-person job, a child's job if well designed (my daughter took this over at 13, when...
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    Driving a Cat?

    Just a little morning sarcasm on my part. No worries:). If I had a point it is that they require different handling and that aft shrouds require different sail handling. If you can't go to windward and can't rig for down wind, it may simply require some rethinking and recognition that the feed...
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    Driving a Cat?

    Oh dear. I didn't know that.
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    Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    The cold never really bothers me, though I begin to long for spring. What gets me is the frost on deck in the morning. There's just no good solution, other than taking the time to cook breakfast and hope the sun is bright. And then if there is a breeze the ice on deck can be a nightmare. You...
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    Question regarding sanitation hose size and length

    Certainly move up to a better grade of sanitation hose. Trident 101/102, Shields Poly-X, or Raritain Sani-flex. Sealand's white hose does not come in 1-inch and the 148 white hose is the reason you are doing this job. And no silicone sealant; that will only make it more likely to leak.
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    Mold and Mildew

    ClO2 is not stable and is not available. In industry it is generated on-site in a "chlorine dioxide generator." The nearest you can come is probably a slow release product like Starbrite NosGuard or Odor Xit. These produce ClO2 when water vapor dampens dry chemicals inside and a slow reaction...
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    Installation & Orientation of Flooded Batteries

    It's amazing the things broad expereince teaches. I have a catamaran and would never have thought about this. A month ago I was asked to re-inspect a large (1 million gallon) oil tank that I had inspected a few years before. It had sprung a leak in the sidewall through 3/8-inch steel in a...
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    Trident sanitation hose

    First, Practical Sailor did a review of this and other leading hoses. In fact the testing is on-going, to learn how long it takes for the stink to permeate. As for bend radius and the details, it's all there. Subscribe! There is a short version in the link, below. In fact, I installed 5 types...
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    Mold and Mildew

    Yes, it is basically washing soda, TSP, and baking soda mixed in a specific ratio. The patent is that simple. "In a typical "full-strength" formulation, an amount of...
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    Filters on holding tank vents

    1. Yup, installation in many boats would be difficult, which why I always caution that leaving it off is better than doing it poorly. 2. Really, I installed it because the vent location was terrible, right up wind of the cabin windows. For most folks a good chemical (Oderlos is good) will do...
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    Filters on holding tank vents

    Like this Cheap, or you spend money at West Marine. With proper installation clogging with poop is not possible. With poor installation, better just leave it off.
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    How big an alternator can I get on an outboard?

    One battery? You may find that a second battery is a very cost effective way to add overnight range, cheaper than solar and alternators. You need the second battery for the night, anyway.
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    Air cleaner - or not?

    I always assumed it had to do with the lack of dusty roads. Of course, they must eat a few gnats and mosquitoes, since I sure do. Nothing like what a lawn mower would see, which has an air cleaner. Just curious.
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    Actually, adding stiffness to the aft end of full length battens can help. Really, full length battens should always be tapered, IMHO. Hobie cat battens are tapered, for example. It's a bit fiddly, but the...
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    bad fuel?

    a. Examine the sediment. If it is gritty or just mushy, it is rust. Not too serious. If it is slimy, like snot (sorry, no better descriptor) then it is biomass. b. Biobor is good for 50 % of the bugs, just like some antibiotics are for gram possitive and some are for gram negative. Consider...