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    Boat mover

    Highly recommend Derek Leslie, Sailors Moving Sailors (Sailboat Transports). He's based in Nashville so close to you and does great work at a reasonable price.
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    Maiden voyage

    We actually use this setup but back in. We bought the "Docking Stick" which makes the loop on a standard boat hook. Works great.
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    Boat Transportation Service Recommendation

    Tempting, certainly @JRT ...and it would be "up" the river one lake ;). I need to learn more about sailing there vs. Wheeler. Wheeler is more on the plains and very open, windy vs. the mountains/foothills of Guntersville.
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    Boat Transportation Service Recommendation

    I've had Sailors Moving Sailors (, Derek Leslie) out of Nashville recommended to me but ended up buying a local boat. One stop shop - he steps the mast at both ends and does all the mast packing and loading.
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    Engine alarm chirps

    @njlarry Did you figure out what it was? I had the same today on my C310 with a M25XPB as well. I had recently been through a hose leak, refill, bleed, etc. so I thought all was well but I got just a bit of intermittent chirping. Same as you re: temp and oil pressure almost identical.