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    Electrical Refit Done!

    I think I am going to piggy back your ideas on this SD. I recently acquired an 86 boat and plugged in yesterday am for the first time. The only lights that worked were the bow and the deck lights. Checked all the fuses and everything looked okay. Checked the bulbs in the cabin... okay. The...

    bow eye 1986 Catalina 22..

    JGuy, did you ever come up with a solution? I have the same problem. My plan is to cut a 4" Deck Plate in the front of the Anchor Locker as low as I can get it. I found this on Amazon: The opening...

    Bow Eye

    Anyone replace or worked on the bow eye on an 85 boat or later? I have to cut an access through the anchor locker and need some guidance on how large a hole to cut. I was thinking 4.5 in should be plenty?

    replacing the keel winch wire.

    Thanks kappy. Painting the Bottom today. I have to repair the Bow Eye then she is getting wet for the first time for me.

    Finally replacing my keel cable. What's with all this extra length?

    I just recently acquired my 86 22. The keel cable was broken so I replaced the turning ball, hose and clamps too. I could not get the new hose to seat all the way down on the through hull. Have y'all seen that too? I guess I could have tried a heat gun. I think it is down far enough for the...

    Sail Number?

    Is my sail number part of my HIN? I know... it is on the sail dummy. I have not raised the sail since I bought her a few weeks ago. Performing lots of fixes. My girl has been neglected.

    Traveler Car Mainsheet

    Anyone replaced their Traveler Car on an 86? My sheaves are shot. I ordered one from CD.

    Shrouds and Stays diameter?

    What do you tension the uppers and lowers to?

    Keel cancer?

    Rustlok 6980 Steel Primer. Keep in mind I did this while on the trailer. I lowered the tongue to the ground and supported the back with pallets then raised the front with a floor jack so my keel would lower. I was replacing my keel cable as well. You cannot get all of the top of the keel but...

    Keel cancer?

    Before and after needle gunning and sanding. Used a primer from Petit called Rustlok. Must be good stuff.... I can't get it off my hands. This is the keel primer West Marine CPP Antifouling Paint recommended. I got this boat in Oklahoma. I think it had been in the water for 10 years. This...

    replacing the keel winch wire.

    Working on the resurfacing/ painting the keel today. I shot some photos of the pallet lift method.

    Loos Gauge near Canyon Lake?

    Well that is fair. It's only $150 at the Corpus Marina. I am only about 10-15 miles from Canyon. Guess I will have to get good at loading an unloading to save that slip fee.

    Shrouds and Stays diameter?

    Thank you both. Stu, I have a manual in route from Catalina Direct. Looking forward to studying it. I had a MacGregor 25 some years back. Doing a bottom job this weekend. Looking forward to launching the old gal soon.

    Shrouds and Stays diameter?

    Thinking of buying a Loos Gauge and want the correct one for the Cat 22. What is the diameter of the stays and shrouds? Thanks, Dan

    New to trailer sailing and need advice on stepping mast

    I have not tried this yet. Looks pretty easy.