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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    Ok, I said in theory, I didn't say I was going to try it....... I know some of you will be disappointed to hear that. Regards Capt. Ron
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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    I might have to sell tickets
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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    Hmmmmm gota think about this
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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    I have been thru that bridge several times always bang the antenna, last time it took off the windex and bent back the shaft
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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    I'l' stick to idle speed and a low or falling tide, wouldn't hurt near as much....kiss vs a SMACK
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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    Larry, That's what I do.............."sneak up on it"
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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    In theory would this work (I don't think I would have the nerve to try it ) I have a Legend 40.5 if I see the tide boards reading 64 ft of clearance I will "ding" my vhf antenna on the bridge girders ,at 1800 rpm I'm cruising at 7 knots with a Flex-O-Fold 3 blade prop which at that speed and rpm...
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    Battery Cable size??

    Maine, First of all I meant to say (as you corrected) that the current cable size is 2 ga., and I was considering using 4 ga. to add the additional 2 batteries to the existing house bank, I also added 2/120 watt solar panels thru a BlueSea controller, after reading your comments and...
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    Battery Cable size??

    Increasing the house bank, adding 2 additional group 31 AGM to bring the total to 4 house with a combined 420 amp hours my question; cable size wiring in parallel, with the longest run's of 12" to 18" max, can i use the ready made 4.0 cables or should i go with the heavier 2.0 cables ?? Thanks...
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    Low Bridge-high Mast

    We went under that bridge about a month ago (40.5 Legend) mast height 63" 9"" if accurate. tide boards were reading 64' end result I bent my lightning arrester and my wind pointer back about 45degrees. I put the boom out as far as I could put it on auto pilot and my wife and I got to the boom...
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    Sunglasses You need to go to a Maui authorized dealer with a copy of your Rx, because certain styles have Rx limitations you also need to try on various styles for fit and comfort and they will probably need to be adjusted after they come back from the lab. tell the dealer you are a sailor...
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    Best spray on / spray off deck cleaner for sailboats

    Try "Awesome" only available at the Dollar Tree stores, it's Awesome!!
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    Your Eyes Are Tools Too.....

    Can't imagine why??
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    2 anchors on the 40.5 bow roller?? how??

    Thanks Bob, got the pic's, that might work, i'll give it a try. Thanks much, Ron
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    MMSI!!! I'm confused here, who's on first base?

    Google boatus/mmsi, and click on the obvious, got mine in about 30 min.