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    tiller extention

    The photos show it fully retracted, it fully swivels, when not in use, clip it on the top of the tiller out of the way. The only way it will interfere with the winches will be because you placed it there, besides, you determine the length, a simple twist to adjust and lock the length to what...
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    tiller extention

    LakeShark, My tiller extension sits on top of the tiller with a clip designed to store it on the tiller. When I'm docking, or in a narrow channel, I normally stand in the rear as shown in the one photo and either steer with the extension, or with my foot on the tiller. That way all I have to do...
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    Mast step removal

    Here is what the manufacture of the releasing agent I've been using for years says: "DeBond Corporation began business in 1999 with our first product, Marine Formula™ a patented chemical product to remove polyurethane adhesive/sealants such as 3M™ 5200. Prior to the introduction of this...
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    Mast step removal

    The de-bond is very watery and I've just sprayed it very lightly on and let it set and do the work. The caulking gets soft and gooey, and is actually a bit messy. All I can say is read the manufactures instructions, maybe they're selling snake oil. Don't feel comfortable using 5200, don't use...
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    Mast step removal

    The mast step is where I want super adhesion as well as water sealing. 3M5200 is definitely my choice for this job. I don't worry about the permanent bond, as a trailer-sailor it's what I want because of the stresses on the mast step from routinely rigging and de-rigging my boat. So I ensure...
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    Ok fellas how bad is it?

    Bad advice for a C-22, absolutely structural. Read the information in the C-22 Tech Manual on how to make the assembly even stronger. Don
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    Gudgeon replacement

    Buy the heavy duty rudder gudgeons from Catalina Direct. They are actually the rudder gudgeons from the C-250. They are much stronger, and have plastic bearings that are replaceable. I installed a set years ago and the rudder is still nice and tight. Order a spare set of inserts just in case...
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    Boom Vang Rigging

    How I rig the vang on my Catalina-22 and my Capri-18. Easy to adjust, just seems to work for me. Don
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    Wintering trailered Catalina 22

    Just my opinion, but the only time I remove my standing or running rigging is when I go to replace it. Don
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    New Hyde Sails... How they Fit

    I can adjust the forestay length with the adjustment holes on the Johnson Quick Lever, (see the attached photo that shows the Johnson Quick Lever under the furling drum). I'm not a racer, so I don't spend a lot of time "tuning" my rigging. :stir: I have simply followed the factory method for...
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    Position of wing keel on Trail-Rite trailer

    Now I don't have a Capri-22, but, my Catalina-22 MK-II version shares the same wing keel with the Capri-22 wing keel versions. I also trailer with a single axle Trail-Rite trailer. So hopefully you can see the position of the wing keel with the boat on the trailer. Don
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    New Hyde Sails... How they Fit

    I guess I'm just different from all the other C-22 sailors. In my years sailing a C-22 I've only changed the headsail out on the water maybe a handful of times, and that was putting up my drifter when the wind died, or more than likely, I dropped the sails and motored. Even back in the old days...
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    New Hyde Sails... How they Fit

    Luke, when I use my furling jib, the halyard is only used with my factory mast raising system, and when raising the UV sock for the sail at the end of the day. There is no heavy UV panels on my sail so it still retains better performance because the sail is not hampered by the additional...
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    pics or specs on lifting strap/eye bolt plate

    When I lived in San Diego, I routinely hoisted my Catalina-22 MK-II while a member of the Mission Bay Yacht Club, My MK-II C-22 used the same wing keel as the Capri-22. Some came with a 1" stud molded into the keel at the factory, some didn't. My 2002 MK-II didn't, where my 2006 MK-II did. I...