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    Sometimes you get lucky - a Meges M-20 that hasn't seen the light of day since 1998 and only light use before

    Wow, it looks pristine — good score! It looks like the old wooden “D” racing scows that I used to sail on in Minnesota years ago. Twin rudders, twin bilgeboards, flat bottom, running back stays, self tending jib, spinnaker and a huge main made more so with a very long boom all contributed to a...
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    Mac 25 upper shrouds & spreader positioning

    On my ‘85 Mac25, I have the spreaders at a 90 degree angle to the mast. Plus, at the ends of each spreader, there is a clamp of sorts (a cap that is adjusted using the 2 screws) that holds the shrouds to keep them in place and keep the spreader in position and NOT sliding up or down. Annually...
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    Pop-up assist for Venture 25

    Do you still use the support poles to hold the top up even though you’re using the struts? I would assume yes?
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    Can anyone recognize this boat?

    Reminds me very much of a Southerly - very sweet boat manufactured in England. Although if it’s a home build, probably not unless they sell plans...
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    Merry Christmas everyone...

    More please! And Merry Christmas all!!
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    Wood in cabin of Mac 25

    I have an ‘85 Mac 25, which came with particle board bulkheads plus all the “wood” hatch covers in the cabin and all are covered with wood grain vinyl. If I had more time, I would replace the particle board with some sort of real wood and finish it nicely. A project for another time... The...
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    New to the MacGregor 25 lifestyle

    Welcome Lost Hannah! Sounds like you’ve got a few projects to attend to, but they’re not outrageous. Welcome to sailing “well loved” (old) boats! The large drain hole in the back of the boat is indeed how “extra” water exits the cockpit. The only way to get to the hose for...
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    Corona virus

    Sounds like a creative plan, but sorry, saw this last night...
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    Cabin cushion cleaning

    Did you try Simple Green? Also, the trim is made of what material? I have similar cushions and for them, Simple Green, a hose and brush work great. Obviously, you can’t use bleach on the cushions themselves, but I have spot cleaned the white trim with it carefully using a q-tip — worked like a...
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    Keel removal help

    What year Mac25 is it? I have an '85 and the swing keel is 750#. You'll find a number of folks on this site who have posted a variety of removal/replacement techniques. Not an easy or friendly task, to be sure! While you have it out, IMHO it would be prudent to replace the bolt and rubbers...
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    Compass location

    (Sorry - accidentally hit post...). Patching covers are fairly easy to make and install. Make sure you have no magnetic interference wherever you decide to place it. Let us know what you end up doing and post a picture. We all love before and after pics!
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    Compass location

    I mounted both my compass and depth sounder on the starboard side, and rather high up which I find easier to see when I’m out at night. This picture has the compass cover on.
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    Before you lay your hard earned money down for a new ob, please follow the advice of timebandit and troubleshoot yours. I’ve never owned a Merc, but if you’re mechanically inclined, you might find it’s a reasonably simple matter. I would definitely check that impeller, too, since you were...
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    16 Foot M16 Melges, need help with approx year, serial number location

    Just one thought: if you can get a ballpark for spars and sail sizes, I understand there are places around the country that part out old boat parts, sails, etc. If you can find one somewhat close to you, could be a reasonably easy solution. Also, the original builder of the scows was a company...