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    Its funny Friday!

    I read this post on the Leopard Catamaran owner's forum. Despite what this guy's wife says, this is brilliant: Good and Gentle People, There are no questions in this missive. I merely recount the events of my Wednesday as a kind of schadenfreude exercise. Feel free to move onto other more...
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    Four Masted Barque rounding Cape Horn 1928 - Captain Irving

    This is a fantastic documentary - when men were men.
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    SailCare vs Local Loft

    That sounds like an incredible value.
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    Third Propulsion Option

    My last boat came with a 6HP OB on a transom bracket that could raise and lower with spring-assist. It was a 40-foot boat and the outboard could push it at about 3k in calm conditions. I removed that bracket. It was too low and too slow to be practical for anything, and a difficult/awkward...
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    Maybe I have blundered and offended the sellers of two boats i have tried to buy?

    Most people today are quite wary of scammers, and would expect the buyer to ask detailed questions and want to see the boat before committing. However, today’s market is so hot it’s becoming a new normal for a buyer to make an offer and pay a deposit with that offer, conditional on inspection...
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    Norwegian Shipping Going Electric

    :banghead: Maybe they're planning to sail it out of New England and never return? No shade in the cockpit, either.
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    Surfing Cat

    :facepalm: Skill, luck, cujones, call it what you will. :beer: PS - I wouldn't have tried it. :yikes:
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    Wiring Raymarine Digital Radar with new and old cable

    I think your assumption is correct. Green is often used for ground. Braided shield is always ground.
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    Kite for Motor Yacht

    That'd be a great boat to invite your friends and family to see the 4th of July fireworks. (Downwind going and downwind returning. :facepalm:) :biggrin:
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    Kite for Motor Yacht

    Ahh the joy of sailing -- judging by sea state in the image, I'd guess that's in 25+ knots.
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    My boat has sold!

    I was watching a YouTube video about broken Lagoon 450 catamaran bulkheads, and woah! Double Horizon showed up in a drone shot! Here's the video link. My (former) boat is at 1:19. PS – The Lagoon 450 is apparently constructed with inadequate bulkheads and tabbing. There’s a YouTube series...
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    Charter Question

    Either. High in salt and fat. Tasty, but salt and fat promote cardiovascular disease. Heart attack, stroke, and E.D. yum
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    Tall Rig or Standard

    @EdWard3 if you run a tape measure up the mast, I suggest you also tie a spare line to the halyard to haul it back down. A tape measure is not designed for pulling any significant load, and could lose its end fitting if pulled too hard.
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    Just a gentle grounding / rudder damage

    Considering you're in the Minneapolis area, it's going to freeze overnight. It appears to have already split, so it might be prudent to grind it ASAP. Can you put a heat lamp near it to help it evaporate and keep it from freezing/splitting worse? I'd grind it open ASAP to help drying. You'll...