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    Holding tank removal from pour foam insulation

    You can replace that welded threaded fitting - Peggie Hall probably has a solution. Contact her before you destroy what you have.
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    Good anchorages and seafood on Chesapeake Bay

    ...(and hold out a $20 bill) ;)
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    Keeping A Sailboat Cool Without Shore Power

    Search the web for "hatch umbrella" "breeze booster" "wind scoop" "hatch scoop" etc. with the right accessories you can direct the wind from whatever direction. A hatch umbrella can be rigged to cover the hatch when there is rain (but not wind). If rain and wind, your ventilation options will...
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    Invest 99L --> TD 9 --> TS Ida --> Hurricane Ida

    This is crazy! Whoever built this dock and fish house should get a medal. Anyone who thinks about riding out a hurricane (rather than evacuation) should see this video.
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    How long do your sails last

    No experience with in-mast, but the UV damage sounds about right. A good sail loft can extend life by restitching and patching when needed, when the seams and edges are UV damaged, but eventually the cloth in the belly of the sail is weakened too, and it's just too tired to give optimal service.
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    Galled stanchion removal

    Great idea, but I'd rather destroy the screws than the rails and bases. Those bends in the bases will still be causing a load. If you're going that destructive route, it might help to cut the bent bases. (I'd use a Dremel or grinder with cut-off wheel, and immediately pour water on the...
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    Galled stanchion removal

    Whoa! Not me. I’d worry about damage to the fiberglass composite from that much heat. I’d grind the heads off and drill the bolts out if needed, then re-thread. I’d try the PB Blaster idea first.
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    Shipwrecked: A Shocking Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival in the Deep Blue Sea

    An interesting short story that I came across Shipwrecked: A Shocking Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival in the Deep Blue Sea
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    brand of microwave to fit in cupboard above stove

    :thumbup: Just a bunch of forum gasbags, and I too have been guilty on more than one occasion. :facepalm: Of course, we tend to believe our own opinions are more valid than someone else's. People don't realize how disrespectful they're being when they do that, because (in our own minds) we're...
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    What line to use as snubber pendant?

    I too, use a 1/4" Dyneema loop and agree a soft shackle would be preferable to the D-shackle Mantus uses, but a soft shackle still requires two hands to operate. I use a snap hook that can be operated with one hand. See my post Chain snubbers
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    Never say never

    Been a member of the bimini club for years. Even if it's not hot, the sun promotes skin aging and cancer. My next boat will also have AC :waycool: and a generator. I've only felt the need for AC a few times each year, but it would be nice to have when it's 90 degrees and 90 percent (or when...
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Still boatless. We just spent a week bike riding, kayaking, and touring harbors and rivers in my 20hp 12ft RIB. We got an Airbnb with water view and got our "fix" of salt air in eastern RI and South Coast of MA. This drone shot was looking south from Sakonnet Point in Little Compton RI...
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    Rode Courtesy

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but IMHO 3:1 scope is typically not ideal for you or anyone else. The bell curve is 3:1 to 7:1. You’re out on the edge of the bell curve, and it seems you’re expecting others to march to your drum. That might not be a reasonable expectation, and another skipper...
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    Can I unkink this bilge pump hose?

    Sorry, I know it's not what you want to hear, but I recommend to replace it or splice with a male to male barbed 90-degree elbow fitting. If you do the latter, you might end up with (one or two) new kinks where the barbs terminate, but the angled fitting will reduce the likelihood of a kink. It...