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  • I have recently completed some needed upgrades on my MacGregor 25, Rae Marie. Replacing the pink windows is underway. I just completed a 5-year gig as agronomist in SW Kansas. As of September 1, 2021 I am once again available to sail and to do selected work on trailer sailers 25-ft or below. You will note I need to bring blueyonderboating.com back up to present, so that's where my current profile stands.
    Captain Gare Bear, MacGregor 25, Rae Marie, here. I have not been active on Sailboat Owners for quite some time. Life forced me to take a break from sailing, but as of March, 2020, barring any Coronavirus stupid stuff, I plan on getting back into sailing. Rae Marie got tired of sitting in her pole barn on the hard. Captain Gare Bear got older, so decided he should sail while physically possible.
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