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    water pressure loss

    Check filters and screens on all water faucets, Air lock before the water pump
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    Fuel is in waste holding tank what to do ?

    up date, yard manager said unfortunately this is more common than people think. Fortunately he reacted quickly and had pumped out an flushed system many times. Plumbing side effected appears to be limited to pump out side only due to the sea water discharge valve is closed and sealed with zip...
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    Fuel is in waste holding tank what to do ?

    so my fellow power boat neighbor fist time boater went to the fuel dock with his girlfriend to fuel up and his girlfriend accidentally opened the wrong cap and the dock attendant started to fill his waste holding tank with gas! Approximately 15 gallons before he realized what happened. After...
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    you have to be a contortionist to get into the dungeon, other people have made a access panel in the quarter berth which makes a lot of sense. I just haven’t gotten around to do it yet. I’ve been putting it off for the past 38 years, maybe next year
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    Congratulations ⛵️ Good luck and welcome to the H34 club
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    Just finished installing a rule 1100 automatic bilge pump as a redundant bilge pump on my H34. I've been putting this off for about three years because of other to do list boat projects. Made it a priority this year before the boat went into the water after my buddy had is boat partially sink...
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    Getting the H34!

    congratulations on what appears to be a great find. I have a H34 1983 original owner and was at the factory when it was under construction. These are great boats and get a bad review as they were mass production boats, but what boat at that price point in that era was a better deal for what you...
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    H34 lifeline

    factory location is the aft stern rail and first station on port and starboard. I added gates to the bow pulpit on both sides for convenience when docked bow first.
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    Hurricane Prep - What do you do?

    draining both water and fuel tanks prevent liquids from slushing around violently and possible ruptured tanks. Less weight on the hard therefore less stress on the jack stands. If the boat falls over or sinks, the yard can’t make me liable for fuel spills or cleanup fees or fines. E.P.A...
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    Hurricane Prep - What do you do?

    if a direct hit is likely, haul boat and remove sails, if staying in water, remove sails, try to tie to multiple pylons, chafing guards. 1 when riding out storm in water: 2 Double up lines with chafing guards, shock absorbers. 3 tie to multiple locations on boat and dock. 4 Remove as much...
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    Hunter 34 - Weeping Hull

    check the recessed jib tracks and any impact dents on the toe rail, also check the Windows and ports above the stove. The Windows have a void between the deck and the cabin liner. Try to seal off the window and jib track with shipping film. The same film they use when cars are transported. I...
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    Hunter 34 - Weeping Hull

    that might be from condensation, I used to get something like that in the forward compartments on hot humid days. The hull was cooler that the outside humid air and form condensation on the hull that would ultimately form streaks like that. I installed a computer fan into the area and problem...
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    Paint for plastic portlight surrounds

    rustoleum spray paint white gloss from lowes home improvement Did mine five years ago still look new Replaced one port lite last year and it is completely yellow from the sun All the others that were spray painted look like I did them yesterday.
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    Water pump sucking air?

    Check o rings on pump connection If it’s the newer type that is a compression o ring with a retainer clip, mine had double o rings that one failed and did the same thing
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    1984 H34 120vac circiut issues

    congrats on your boat and welcome, I have 1983 h34 original owner, watched is being built, had a similar issue once and found slight corrosion on the end of the power cord to be the issue, after of corse replacing breakers, outlets and so on. Apparently slight corrosion can cause enough...