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    New chart plotter wrong size for hole

    I ran into this problem on my 343 replacing Raymarine C80 with Axiom 9 (largest size for binnacle ). Raymarine had not made adaptor plate so I made one from aluminum, painted glossy black and mounted. Looks like part of the Axiom.
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    Windlass on a Beneteau 343

    If you’re looking at Lewmar specs make sure you’re looking at pounds and not kilograms. I believe the figure 600 was kilos. The V2 with vertical drum is a good unit. I have the Beneteau standard 3/8 chain. I’ve increased to 75 ft with 5/8 line. Saved the 20 3/8 for secondary anchor. You may...
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    0.45 gallons per hour OK?

    Picking up my 343 at City Island NY and motoring to Westbrook Ct (rainy and wind out of east) for 11 hrs, I used approximately .6 GPH. Bottom was clean and tide change canceled out over trip. 2700 rpm for the most part.
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    343 - boom vang and topping lift

    I agree that the topping lift takes the pressure off the vang at rest. I too need a little more lift when using the connector between Bimini and Dodger. My issue is why doesn’t the topping lift come back to cockpit? In certain conditions and mainsail trim, the topping lift flogs the sail...
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    Toilet Replacement 373

    Rarity joker is better. Install vertical. Raritan has stronger pump plus the fresh water was a great benefit.
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    Toilet Replacement 373

    I replaced Jabsco Head on my 343 with Raritan Freshead. Fit same bolt pattern as Jabsco. Raritan has strong pump. I have had so many issues with Jabsco. Replace pump once and joker valve 2-3 times. Jabsco joker valve poorly made and folds with pressure from water column to top of holding tank...