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    Dealing with difficult guests

    Never had a problem until I let a teacher from the sailing school come on a week long voyage. She had been teaching sailing on small sailboats for 15 years but had never been on anything larger. The combination of thinking it was the same thing on a 39 footer and thinking she should tell me...
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    Cold Weather Sailing Prep - Alabama

    Timely topic! I had that same heater and loved it but it stopped working after a couple months. Word to the wise: Carbon monoxide is not your friend. Yes merino wool inside, layer of fleece over that, something windproof and waterproof over that, and switch to a PFD with some insulating...
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    Pearson 39-2 survey

    Im in my third season on an '86 P-39. Similar damp but not soft spots in the deck near stanchion mounts, which surveyor and even a glass shop have said pose no structural threat. I have resealed (bored out, filled, redressed) the stanchions which turned out to be quite an ordeal and remounted...