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    Oceanis 351 Exhaust Question

    Here's what mine looked like under the heat wrap,. They were made from thin wall copper tubing, silver soldered together with a stainless steel flange. I would assume most that are is salt water will look the same once the cover is removed. Keep in mind these are unavailable now.
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    Oceanis 351 Exhaust Question

    I know this post is over a year old, but here is some info related to the above and explains it very well.
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    Ugly, Ugly Sailboats

    We'll get use to it, the same as we do with cars and trucks all looking the same with their ugliness
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    Almost catastrophe during haul out

    A 20" strap??? Was it left over from the Titanic?
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    C&C Mast

    Klacko Spars , in Oakville ,On. Canada have always and still do manufacture them. Actually I just junked a complete C&C mast for a 44' in the summer (the one on the right).
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    1 1/2” vs 1 1/2”

    The one you bought at Ace is likely 1 1/2" pipe size, measured inside .
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    cast iron keel

    Unusual to see a cast keel with nuts and not bolts.
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    Define lightly aground:

    Nova Scotia, not an uncommon sight at low tide.
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    Stuff coming out of potable water tank

    Often forgotten is the inside top of the tank, as almost always when you look through the access all you can see are the sides and bottom. When the tank is filled and your boat gets even a slight heel or bouncing around in rough weather, the water will sometimes self clean the top and deposits...
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    Trailer alignment

    Did the affected tire wear on the inside or outside? It could possibly be another problem, such as a bent axle. An easy way to check toe in/out, is to measure inside on tires (side to side) and front and back .
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    Water pump sucking air?

    If you suspect a leak, food dye in your water tank will help locate it.
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    Mainsail furling

    They're are only a problem for those that are less experienced.
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    Do Your Maintenance! (Please)

    A lot of problems also come from those who pay professionals for a service that aren't provided, this was the case on my boat. Educate yourself enough to identify where parts/service items are located.
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    Define lightly aground:

    Sometimes you can free it by shifting weight and heeling, but not if you have a wing keel. My boat in 2017, parked it on a reef, kedged it out