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    Hunter 23 gets a little water around the keel bolts.

    Just sharing a funny little memory from that photo. There was a time when I owned a 1988 Bronco II It went to the scrapyard. But the wheels shared the correct bolt pattern for the boat :)
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    Hunter 23 gets a little water around the keel bolts.

    There were only TEN?? Mine's been sold a few years but don't think I ever knew it was such a rare bird. I liked that swing keel.
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    Hunter 23 Keel Cracks...?

    My 23 had similar cracking and etc. I did some minor grinding and repaint, caulked the joint with 4200, torqued the keel bolts on the trailer, and it looked great for years. It's a pretty small keel w/ light loading all things considered, a pretty slow boat, and I saw it to inspect...
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    Baby stays Hunter 23

    It was a bit of a hack job, but I ran two eye bolts right through the deck on my old 23 in line with the back pivot pin. tangs on either side with 2 pop rivets and some u-bolted cable. If the mast was staying up a while, I'd undo the eye bolts and drop carriage bolts in the holes.
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    Hunter 23 Bimini

    My '23 had the bimini from this site (years ago!). I would personally get an old mainsail with foot cut at an angle, to fit a taller bimini. It was just 6" too low to really enjoy sailing with it deployed.
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    roller furler for Hunter 23

    It's up to you, but eliminating the furler (FF2) from my 23 was one of the better upgrades. Having the furled sail makes stepping/ unstepping the mast a chore; the FF2 is light duty and getting that sail rolled up if the wind picks up is a needlessly exciting chore, the sewn-on UV cover made...
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    Hunter 23.5 VANTAGE

    I can't get over seeing that boat, those little trailer wheels, and a sedan pulling it... Moving my H23 was a much different ordeal. (Though my 20 year old Ford did it admirably!)
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    Does my forestay need to be tightened

    There are plenty of B&R experts on here - I'm not one of them But in general, I think you'll find that you set the forestay length (subsequently, the mast rake), and then apply shroud tension On your boat, tensioning the shrouds is not necessarily straightforward; get someone who knows that...
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    Building a Boat or Die Trying

    My dad has invested probably north of $100k, plus $25k on the plot, building a cabin in upstate NY. It's been almost two decades, and in retirement with the amount of work left to do dwindling, guess what? He rarely goes - instead selling the first house he built (in PA), and moving to a 20's...
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    Keel questions

    I think you'll find this keel is quite well attached to the Hunter 23, for being only 2 foot draft. It looks like the keel was coated in fairing compound which had poor adhesion and is failing all over the place. At a minimum you'll want to scrape/ blast anything that isn't well...
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    Sailboat sinks at mooring Hamburg Cove, Lyme, Ct

    There's a new video posted by the video author. Sounds like there was a lot of activity prior to the sinking, including a fire department visit; owner being on site and advised to install additional pumps, owner not doing it, and boat finally sinking
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    Laser rust removal.....

    The $40 version is the brilliant one. Borrow images and footage, never ship anything, and keep the money for whoever forgets to dispute!
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    Laser rust removal.....

    It's a real device, and (probably?) is effective. But from snooping on the INTERNET, the system is closer to $400k and not $40...
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    Doing a Conversion from Diesel to Electric

    Kloud has a good point Running a 60 HP electric at 60 HP for many hours requires significant cooling of both motor, controller, and battery, using 000 conductors. It's a far more complex and far-reaching system than simply keeping the engine block of a 60hp diesel acceptable.