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    Underwater metal and paint

    If those thru hulls are being used for bonding any groundings to seawater, do not paint. Otherwise, slather away. But, if you decide you need an electrical connection to the sea and you slather you thru hull, then you will be SOOL!
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    APS is going out of business

    Glad I still have 2 Harbor Freight store local to me. At least I can get semi-decent tools.
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    Just a reminder

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    APS is going out of business

    I understand, but being there is half the battle. Seeing and touching was a whole part of the purchase process.
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    APS is going out of business

    If you guys think the boat parts business is hurting? I no longer have a source for electronic parts except Amazon and Ebay (Chinese). Cables and connectors not as bad as resistors, capacitors, and other parts needed to build/repair. The last superstore, Fry's, closed even before the Chinese...
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    Man Over Board... While Motoring!

    Me? I would immediately kill the engine, while still in gear. Thus preventing the prop from free spinning (if that is what it does in neutral). We know the boat is going to keep moving, nothing we can do about that. Then once we find the MOB we start the motor and retrieve. JMHO
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    Saw this this morning on Fox and Friends. Very nice song.
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    A Memorial Day Story

    For all my Facebook friends who happen to be proudly associated with the United States Armed Forces. THIS IS THE BEST POST OF THE DAY!!! As I came out of the supermarket that sunny day, pushing my cart of groceries towards my car, I saw an old man with the hood of his car up and a lady sitting...
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    Navionics CF cards

    Well, you are differently entitled to your opine and I do respect that. (by the way, the maps are free if one knows how to download and then update) Me personally, I would use a device that is compatible with the NOAA charts that are also free to download. I do not know if there are any...
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    Navionics CF cards

    Well, that sucks. That would be like updating the maps in my BMW and I have to use a BMW serialized memory card. Just isn't worth it. (By the way, one can use any memory card to updates the maps in their BMW. Was using it as an example).
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    Navionics CF cards

    Glad you found what you needed. Now, for the CF card issue. Don't fret over this. You can put data on any type of SD card and use a CF adapter. Determine if the plotter requires a Type I or Type II CF Card. Get the appropriate adapter and use any size SD card. Or, get a MicroSD card, the...
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    merc 9.9 outboard on my 260- help please

    Will this help? You probably already have it.
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    Losing your cool

    I have tried plain ole ice in the ice box but that only last maybe half a day. I have meant to experiment with dry ice but have not gotten around to it yet.
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    Nominal Spar Wall Thickness

    Well Jim, I plan on replacing the steaming light. It is about half way up the mast. There are multiple holes where it was moved or the screw broke and was never taken out. So I am going to drill out the old screws and fill with aluminum putty. Going to also fill in all the other holes around...
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    Nominal Spar Wall Thickness

    Thanks for the links. I looked and could not find any info on wall thickness, but I guess I was not asking Google the right questions.