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    Thanksgiving and Christmas

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    Flushing Outboard at Salt Water Slip

    If you have not done so, and I suppose you did but did not mention it, add Salt Away to your flush water. It will help keep the calcium deposits down. JMHO Nice find on the flush bag. My Yamaha 9.9 has the flush hose attachment.
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    I was thinking midi at the time. Midi as in Musical Instrument digital interface. LOL That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
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    Someone asked about a permanent address before, but not regarding Midicare. I can't remember what the request was, but I think it was determined that if one uses a relative's address it should work. But what if one's relative is out of state? Not sure how that would impact Medicare. Just a thought.
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    Hunter DS/ Junneau Sun Odyssey DS

    @jamiefu, I have combined your postings to one post. No need to have multiple posts with basically the same question.
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    VPNs and SBO

    A lot of VPN IP Address get blocked. Even sometimes my PIA IP addresses get blocked (not here though). Even though it says US it could very well be out of the US that the server is located. Happens to me a lot. I can tell when something is wrong by my google email being blocked. The IP Address...
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    VPNs and SBO

    Also, sometimes it is not the VPN that is causing this, it is your firewall. The VPN software is using an encryption algorithm to make the connection secure. Could be causing issues with your firewall. Also the VPN software might be using their own firewall. I too use a VPN on and off depending...
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    Happy 246th Birthday, U.S. Navy!

    US Navy, providing transportation for the US Marines since 1775. Happy Birthday!
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    Reef lines jam in blocks when reefing

    Those look really big for reefing lines. What size are they? I would think reefing lines are 1/4" (6mm) or less. Those look way bigger. It could be the photo also since there is reference to compare line size.
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    Climbing my mast? Hire someone or woman-up? :)

    She is best served by contacting a local Amateur Radio Operator who would probably have the necessary equipment to test the system. They would be very happy to assist.
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    Sailboat wanted?

    You can always look here in the classifies, or Yacht World is also a good place to look. Maybe Craigs List in larger cities with lots of marinas. Good luck.
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    If you had one of these...

    You were Upper Middle Class in your neighborhood.
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    RF ground

    Most instructions are written by engineers who couldn't explain how to tie a shoe. I had this problem with a vast majority of engineers who I worked with. LOL
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    RF ground

    OK... looks like problem solved. Excellent.
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    RF ground

    Boats normally do not have RF ground(s). When we talk about Radio Frequencies, we are discussing Alternating Currents (AC). The regular ground you are used to is Direct Current (DC) related. As you know, that is anything and everything related to the electrical system on your boat. Now, can you...