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    Snap, crackle, crash

    This happened to me Luckily when the headstay parted on my Mac 26X we were only about a mile or so from home. It did go pop. I was trying to roll in the jib. Appparently the furler had been wearing on the stay for some time where the top of the furler overlapped the joint securing the loop of...
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    propeller for a Johnson 50hp 2 stroke

    Try bigger I have a 26X with a 1996 Johnson 50 2 stroke. My prop is 12 inches or bigger. I easily get 22-24 mph flat out with no ballast. With ballast I can still get 18-20.
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    Seat Hinge

    In a dumb maneuver I caught the rear seat, when upright, against a post. The result was a badly bent hinge. The item is 3.5" by 4" with two holes on each side. While I think it might be repairable, I tried to locate a similar piece of hardware at West Marine, Boat US and on the net without...