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    Time for new dodger and bimini

    Todd, What kind of price range would you expect for a bimini for your size boat. I want to replace mine and add flexible solar (Velcro) to it. We're all in the same area but I haven't explored costs yet. I'm sure there are quality levels of Sunbrella to consider too. I've used a few local guys...
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    Lost a good friend

    Truly sorry. Something we should all think about.
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    Beneteau Circuit Breakers

    Anyone have a source for a 20A breaker to fit a 2003 Beneteau DP. I am installing a new electric head which requires 20A. The only open circuit I have open is a 5A. I’d like to find one that fits the panel without altering. I found a 15A but can’t seem to locate anything larger.
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    US-Spars Mast Furling Main on Beneteau 343, Check the Halyard Tension

    No one has answered this. I’d like to understand the physics behind this.
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    Raritan Smart Toilet Control with Multifunction Panel

    I'm almost done installing a Raritan Elegance head and am trying to find a good location for the smart control panel. I'm concerned with water as the head is also the shower and I don't want ti getting sprayed every time we shower in there. Any suggestions from anyone with experience with these...
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    Holding tank pumpout question

    You definitely want to understand how your system works so tracing everything is important. A few seasons ago I hauled too late in the season to get a pump out. I got a local guy that handled Porta Potty Rentals and he had the right attachments to pump the boat out at my place. He also did...
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    Holding tank hose barb combination elbow fittings recommendations

    I'm installing a Raritan Elegance and have removed my holding tank. One of my 90° fittings was damaged so I'm looking for a replacement. I was looking at this but it's not barbed where it connects to the hose. Is this better or worse? The...
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    Dinghy Sling Davit System? w/ pictures

    Funny, one of the few pictures on a sailboat is Smitty JK_Boston a contributor on the Catalina 31 site. Maybe he will chime in. We added Garhauer Davits last season and when heeling 20° or more the pontoons are very close to being dipped. I have the same length AB. Caboteur is right
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    10:1 Scope?

    I love anchoring threads! There is a lot of experience here. I want to know how many have experienced dragging anchor. For the many times I have anchored and slept well I've had two experiences where we dragged. Both times were 1-2 AM still dark in a quick moving squall. I can tell you it was an...
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    Rum Tank

    Mount Gay on ice with a splash of tonic water and a lime. Now if my wife had her choice we'd be sailing to New Zealand for some Sauvignon Blanc. Livin the dream Jesse!
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    Yeti - are they that good?

    My daughter two grandsons and son-in-law spent 3 days with us this past summer. They brought their 35QT Yeti and I was quite impressed with it. It held ice and kept everything inside cold for the whole time. I looked into one but they are very expensive so I passed. Then, shopping at a local...
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    New adventure, new boat

    Sounds like the PO still loves the boat. You got a beauty.
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    aluminum / stainless fused.... help

    I'd pass on the carbide drill. They're expensive and chip or break to easy to use any kind of hand drill. I'd buy a left hand cobalt drill. Go slow using a cutting oil. Good luck
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    Are you an Electronics Junkie?

    The external horn came as part of a kit that I purchased from Defender during their warehouse sale. You can silence the alarm with the app but each time a transmitting boat gets close it will sound again. It is also connected to my chartplotter and that alarms too. I can shut that off but on a...
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    Are you an Electronics Junkie?

    Too late, we just installed their XB 8000. I hope they give you a commission ;) you are a great spokesman! BTW, I love their unit but I need to install a toggle to shut off the external alarm!!!