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    Sailboat delivery done right!

    Congrats, hope you were able to sample the Portuguese lobster sandwich at the Chart Room. I'm sure you found it interesting exiting Redbrook harbor too. Sounds like a great adventure which helps building confidence in your new boat.
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    How can I keep it hard longer?

    Just have to get used to it soft, just don't jump into it to quickly!
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    Block Island is open as of June 1

    This seems to be a pattern. I understand good weather and getting out of the house but we are not out of this yet! We almost decided not to launch this season but changed our mind and we're launching this Thursday...
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    Summerize the boat

    I gave up golf!
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    RAM mic cable rewire?

    Same here, it’s only plugged in when we’re sailing. It’s removed and stored below when not in use. We have a bin and Bimini. I was never able to repair mine but was able to find a used one in almost new condition.
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    Solar Panel Recommendations - Summer 2020

    I bought the 100W version last off season from Arizona Wind & Power. I am/was mounting them on the bimini but my canvas guy was shut down and I'm not sure my new Bimini will be ready for this season. I planned on mounting the SunPower panels with 3/16 plastic corrugated sheet to reduce the flex...
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    Maine Visitors

    Massachusetts required masks when in public places in early May. I don't feel like my rights have been infringed but I did feel a little weird going into a store for the first time. It's out of respect for others I wear it. Living in an area known for vacationers (Cape Cod) we see lots of out of...
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    seal pedestal grab bar

    Hayden, I did the same on my C30 but I used Maine Sail's write up. I undercut the wood core and filled with epoxy then re-drilled it counter sunk and used butyl rubber. It never leaked but I did it before snaking the wires up to the Navpod. I think to do it right you may need to remove the...
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    Sounds like a Racor filter for the fuel. I think that's what your asking?
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    US Spar furler drum removal

    Would this be easier with the mast stepped? Just a question for the future :banghead:
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    There have been many sailors here that have Ospho treated their keels before barrier coating. I would think if they had issues they would have said so. Problem is I research too much and have seen people that have had issues with every product. It's all in the process. I guess what caught my eye...
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    As far as Sea Hawk products? I was more worried about using the Ospho. From internet searches I have not found any complaints about the product. I'm more concerned about the process. I will check it out though, thanks.
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    I hired an outfit to sand blast my cast iron keel and apply an epoxy barrier coat. They use Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff and claims he's never had issues. I bought a gallon of Ospho and was going to apply it shortly after blasting and have him come back to paint 24 hours later. He won't be able to come...
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    Low water pressure

    Winterizing last fall I ran the water tanks dry or so I thought. Turns out the aft tank never drained and when I was blowing my lines out I heard it bubbling. I ended up siphoning through the tank clean out port because I was halfway done. This spring I partially filled the aft tank and couldn't...
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    Battery Issue possibly?

    Battery cable? Looks like 10 awg?