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    Boneheaded mistakes & living under a lucky star

    The moon has been ineradicable this past week. Clear skies here and so bright! Great story Scott. Do you have a final destination Dave?
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    Davit for Hunter 45

    Google pictures of a Hunter 45DS. There will be many ideas. You may consider an arch instead of davits. There are also countless ways to mount solar panels too...
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    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Very well said, I am so sorry for your loss. Somehow the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am sure he was equally proud of you. What amazing and beautiful memories you will carry. thank you for sharing.
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    Overprotection of prop (too much anode) on BENETEAU Oceanis 351

    I've gone the season with Pettit Prop paint, when the can ran out I switched to a ZRC product with the same results. My prop has been coming out clean every fall...
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    Small dog Ramp/Step Recommendations for hatchway Catalina 27

    We have a 15# Lhasa and at 10 weeks he jumped over the companionway door and fell down the 5-6 steps and only once have I seen him run up the steps to the cockpit. To be honest I'd rather carry him. The last thing I need is an independent dog at my feet in bad conditions.
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    Maine Sail update

    There isn’t a sailer on this sight that hasn’t benefited from his knowledge. He has been an asset to all of us. Prayers and positive thoughts that he recovers to rejoin our community. To reiterate what Dave said, I came to sailing in 2007 with no experience. This sight and Rodd personally are...
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    Mobile Diesel Marine Mechanics in Eastern Massachusetts

    You could try these guys, I use them for parts
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    TS Henri --> Hurricane Henri

    True but it is impressive and gives a sense of security that wouldn’t be there otherwise. You still have to prepare as any prudent mariner would. a Lillie history
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    TS Henri --> Hurricane Henri

    Nope hurricane barrier...
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    TS Henri --> Hurricane Henri

    We lucked out as it hit RI. We were east of the center and had a non event. Winds steady at 20 kts with gusts of 38 kts. We’re behind a hurricane barrier and wind direction kept the sea state and surge reasonable. I think the folks in RI, CT and NY had it worse.
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    Looking sternward...

    It's just plain beautifully written. I think we've all been there enough to understand what he feels.
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    Marine Traffic Time Warp!

    I don't know?
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    TS Henri --> Hurricane Henri

    Looks like 'm seeing the first hurricane in 30 years! Keeping a close eye on it but at this point Windy is predicting sustained 21kt with 43 knot gusts around 3:00 Sunday. Too early to tell.
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    A few quick battery box questions

    I built my own battery box for six GC batteries. Just be sure to epoxy the inside of the box so it can contain any acid spills. I fiberglassed the inside for strength and epoxied the inside and outside to seal the wood from moisture. Then I brought it to a truck shop to have it Rhino Lined per...
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    Salt water soap

    I read a post on the cruising forum and it looks like Dawn and I assume Joy are not good for the aquatic life. worth the read. Seems like everything we do from our bottom paints to our soaps and our sun screens are damaging the...