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    Toilet Issue

    Try Head Lube - like motor honey it might just correct all ills.
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    Wasps in the bilge

    My Admiral said - sell the boat!
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    V Berth

    They are great sheets - expensive but worth every penny!
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    Western Lake Erie, Lake St Clair

    Stephen: we had a rendezvous about 5 years ago at the Middle Bass Island Marina. I think we had about 8 C-310s. I think it was in August. Alan Clark is our commodore and I am sure he will respond to you as well. Alan did a good job setting up the last event. Do you have any specific ideas...
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    No power AC cabin electric outlets

    Clydo, Stu may be on to something. I remember having the same issue maybe 10 years ago and the fix was resetting all the GFI outlets. I think the one in the aft birth was the culprit.
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    New music sysyem

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll investigate further and do something come April/May when the ice is gone.
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    New music sysyem

    On my 2001 #118 C310 that I bought new, I have 2001 era stereo receiver, a 12 CD changer and 4 hard wired speakers - 2 cabin and 2 under perch seats. The system needs to be replaced. I would prefer to not to replace the speakers. Suggestions? Replace CDs with Pandora or XM with a new...
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    310 ignition key switch

    Part from Catalina Direct was the correct replacement. Price all of $10.84 with tax and shipping. Thanks for the link!
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    Converting Main Sail to loose foot

    The last time I sent the sails out for cleaning, I had Sail Care convert the main to loose footed. Did this because I was also about to order a stack pak - cradle cover (with lazy jacks) from Doyle.. Everything went great. Really miss that Dutchman - NOT!
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    310 ignition key switch

    Using my best "nautical speak" (the Admiral loves it when I use technical terms like grab that 'thing'), the rubber quarter-sized cover, gasket, thingy that might be designed to keep water out of the switch has deteriorated and fallen off. Anyone know where to get one of these? Maybe replace...
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    Chart Plotter Replacement

    If you want to keep it "real simple" you can do what I did; replaced my old Raytheon 420 chartplotter with a Raymarine A75 - now the Axiom. The unit has an internal antenna and I chose to not to link it over the network until I have the time to muck around. The unit has a great sunlight...
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    Bimini Replacement

    Strongly urge you to have a LOCAL canvas shop make your new bimini. I went to Catalina's OEM supplier for a replacement dodger. I even shipped them my tattered dodger. They screwed up were they put seams that made install a royal pain. Very disappointed. Go local if you can. BTW, I believe...
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    Is it worth getting a folding steering wheel for 310?

    Yes! Opens up the cockpit - one of the best upgrades I have made.
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    Changing Fuel Filters

    Mark: Suggest you look at installing a brass quarter turn shutoff valve just in front of the Racor or if the fuel line is still flexible use a chanel-lock to shut off the fuel. There was a short article with a picture in a way-back issue of Mainsheet on the shutoff valve. I did it and it is a...
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    Frank, if you would like to go with something very simple and really cheap cheap consider a wood top and bottom frame to match the companionway and screening from top to bottom glued in place. it works for bugs, lets in light, rolls up and did I mention cheap.