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    in mast furling problems

    Hi, I have a Hunter 27 with in mast furling problems. The marina had to cut the sail out of the mast. I have a new sail and I've installed it twice, once raised it won't rotate. This boat has a unique hook shackle to attach head of the sail to the upper swivel, marina lost it. I can't find a...
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    H240 ballast tank

    Hello, I own a Hunter 23.5 which is nearly identical to the 24. I had to replace the gasket on my ballast because it was worn out. The valve is close to the centerline of the boat so I never heeled far enough for it to lose water. The water level in the ballast appears to be the same as the...
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    Hunter 27, 2006 in mast furling upper swivel sail attach shackle lost

    Thanks for your reply! I have that manual and on page 18 it lists the different shackles, mine is the one called 'hook shackle." I contacted US Spars and they said it's no longer available, but I could probably use a small shackle instead. I've tried modifying a few with no luck so far, it rubs...
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    Hunter 27, 2006 in mast furling upper swivel sail attach shackle lost

    Hi, I'm installing a new mainsail and the shackle that holds the main sail to the upper swivel is lost. US Spars says that specific part is no longer available, but a small shackle should work. I tried one but it seemed to cause some friction internally and wouldn't raise. Any ideas would be...
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    In Mast Mainsail furling

    Hi, I own a 2006 Hunter 27 with in mast furling, always been difficult to use. Became jammed in mast and the marina actually had to cut the sail in pieces to get it out. I've done all the above procedures with some luck. Halyard tension, boom angle, slight tension when furling were never enough...
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    Emptying Water Ballast - Hunter 260

    Hi, I own a Hunter 23.5 water ballast and there are several other Hunter water ballast boats in the marina. Once every couple of years the lake freezes and not all of us pull the boats out. We do blow with a vac in reverse mode to empty the tanks. Make sure valve is open fully so the gasket...
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    Bimini for 23.5 with stern rail seats

    Thanks for everybody's responses! I took the gamble on bought a Chinese made $220 bimini for a pontoon boat and modified it to fit the Hunter 23.5. Lots of cutting and fitting, still need to make some minor adjustments to the fabric. Overall a good result. I'll try to post a picture.
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    Bimini for 23.5 with stern rail seats

    Thanks Crazy Dave, as usual your answers are very helpful. I will purchase the one from the forum's store. The Hunter 27 is a shoal draft, in-mast furling and large for a 27 down below. Thanks for kind and helpful responses! Martin in Tulsa
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    Bimini for 23.5 with stern rail seats

    Woops! Topping lift is correct. We also have a 2006 Hunter 27 with stern rail seats and Bimini. The height is just right between seats and Bimini. Boom is 6 feet plus tall on the 27. The 23.5 boom is around 54 inches tall. So Bimini must go above boom for me as I am 6' 4"
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    Bimini for 23.5 with stern rail seats

    I've owned a 23.5 for 5 years and want to install a bimini. It seems the custom made biminis go under the boom (too low for me) or stop short of the boom. I've installed a boom kicker so the back stay is removed which allows a little more clearance for a bimini above the boom. The custom made...
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    Electric cooler drains battery when on shore power?

    Thanks for the responses! I know the charger is a Pro Mariner Protech 4, not sure which model until I see it. I'm sure you're correct, the charger is not strong enough to charge the batteries and keep up with the cooler. However, I will go see where the cooler's charger is connected. I think...
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    Electric cooler drains battery when on shore power?

    Hi, I assumed the ice chest type cooler (Mobicool T45) was running from the shore power when docked. For the first time since I've owned the Hunter 27, 2006, I left the cooler running for several days. I came back to the boat and the batteries were nearly completely drained. Shore power was...
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    Water Ballast

    Hi, I own a Hunter 23.5 (Also a newer Hunter 27). The 23.5's are great boats! The only problem I've had is the ballast gasket leaks and that is only problematic if you leave the boat slipped year round (I do). The water ballast sailboats blow the water out and then tighten the valve when the...
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    Noisy Boom

    I purchased a 2006 Hunter 27 with in mast furling recently. I've noticed that the track on top of the boom which allows the main sail to be led in and out vibrates in certain positions. It's actually pretty loud and annoying. Sometimes if I let out some main sheet it quiets down. Anyone else...
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    2005 Hunter 27

    Hunter 27 I just purchased a used Hunter 27, 2006, shallow keel. We moved up from a Hunter 23.5. I'm 6'4" and have to lower my head just a little as I move forward in the saloon. It's not a problem. There are 2 of these boats at this marina and both have had the in mast furling mechanism...