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    Replacing portlights on Yamaha 33

    Hi John and all, I'm looking to do my Y30 windows. What thickness of Lexan did you end up using for your replacement and how is it working out? Thanks, Peter
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    Stern tube hose replacement Yamaha 30

    I'm also looking to do this same job on a Y30. Any information on parts for the tube (are there generic parts for that) and thrust bearing. I have the cutlass bearing. Cheers! Peter
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    Yamaha 30

    thanks drew_d. appreciate the note and sentiments. wishing you a good start to the upcoming season!
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    Yamaha 30

    Thanks jssailem! Appreciate the warm welcome, and thoughts. Nice forum.
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    Yamaha 30

    Thank you kappykaplan! Indeed a friendly forum and appreciate the sentiment. Cheers!
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    Yamaha 30

    I’ve just joined the forum. Looks like great people and supportive advice. I did a time share on a Yamaha 30 some years ago and recently considered buying one. If anyone has some ideas of initial resources to look at or come across one in BC that you think I should take a look at please...