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    Should the prop shaft flange be painted?

    For what it's worth; My prop flange is painted the same yanmar gray as the transmission. It has always been painted on the outside surfaces and touched up when checked periodically.
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    Stop wires slapping inside of mast?

    I would think that the end is a pop rivet inside a conduit, has the potential to tear the insulation off your wiring when you pull it through so be careful with this setup.
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    Engine Instruments Died

    as said, look for the ground to the panel. also, the gauges are normally powered by the key switch, so look at the power going in and out of the switch.
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    Maine Sail update

    wow, so sad to hear. He has helped us in so many ways. we all need to support him in our thoughts, prayers, and donations if within your means. also, we all need not to do anything stupid with our DIY work while he is out, knowing he won't be here to steer us in the right direction.
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    Keeping A Sailboat Cool Without Shore Power

    I have had good success with sunbrella hatch covers, that were purchased on this site over ten years ago. but it doesn't seem like they carry them anymore, maybe a phone call.
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    I was trying to understand if you put a blower to suck cool air in or to pull the hot air out of the engine compartment.
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    could you expand on what you did, and why you chose what you did?
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    fiberglass repair in NJ

    what is the depth of the repair? gelcoat or serious structural fiberglass repair?
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    Restoring lens on Raymarine "C" Series Chart Plotters

    For what it's worth, I tried the Novus product and it unfortunately didn't work on my I70 instrument display. My instrument display looks the same after following the directions carefully. I asked Raymarine customer support before using and got the following response: Subject I70 screen...
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    Chain snubbers

    I would think the snubber on a rope rope would allow the use of a bridle to go to each of your deck cleats in lieu of going straight over your roller. rollers beak....
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    Restoring lens on Raymarine "C" Series Chart Plotters

    I had the same issue with a I70 multi function display that is about nine years old but was on the binacle most of it's life covered with the raymarine cover and a sunbrella wheel cover. in the spring of 2020 I put it on the cockpit bulkhead near the companionway. I always still use the...
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    Yanmar 2GM

    way to go, and to stay at it. think of all you learned about your engine that should help you in the future.
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    Aging Diesel Fuel

    I've always used the Rancor R24S filters, which are 2 micron and replace them every other year. unless I do some serious cruising I probably use less than 10 gallons of Diesel a year. I have used the BioBor JF for the winter, seems to be pretty good. Also use the BioBor MD as I add any fuel...
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    Yanmar 2GM

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    Yanmar 2GM

    to answer your question, yes you engine expells water even if the thermostat doesn't open if you haven't recently done so, changing the thermostat is a good place to start especially if you have flow, as well as checking the impeller, belt tension and strainer.. also, check flow from the...