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    How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?

    SC Law SECTION 50-21-85. Conditions for operation of vessel displaying blue light; operating procedure in presence of such vessel; violations. A person shall not operate a vessel displaying or using a rotating, strobing, flashing, or intermittently reflecting blue light unless a duly...
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    How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?

    Just a note that blue lights maybe illegal, USCG Rule 20: United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert and local law Legal Status of Blue Accent Lighting and Non-compliant Navigation Lights Raises Concerns
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    USCG Search and Rescue

    Here is a fascinating article about one of the USCG heroes. The life work of this man may have saved thousands of lives : Portrait of an Inessential Government Worker
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    Catalina 275 Deck Layout

    Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. I really like the setup. Thanks!
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    Catalina 275 Deck Layout

    Can an owner of a 275 please describe the deck layout? Catalina sales info indicates only 4 rope clutches and one winch on the cabin top, but from some online forsale images I see up to 3 Lewmar DC1 singles on the port side of the cabin top and 4 DC1 singles on the starboard side and 2 Harken ST...
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    Thru Hull Repair Paint

    I have a question which I've been unable to resolve. How to you properly finish a thru hull repair? My sources indicate to just apply your bottom paint over the epoxy patch. However, this seems wrong to me. After flaring and sanding the patch, there is a ring of raw fiberglass visible, between...