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    Mods to our 35s5

    Looks good in the photos!
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    Air conditioning condensation pump

    The statement says a Venturi system OR combination sump & pump.
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    I need help

    That’s quite a hose run. Lots of surface to permeate & quite an expense for quality hose. Not to mention difficulty in pulling new hose. Probably easiest way is to splice new & old hoses to facilitate pulling the new hose thru cabinets. No overboard discharge allowed in Great Lakes.
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    Air conditioning condensation pump

    The pump in the photo appears to be the shower sump pump, not an air conditioner condensate pump. Most have rigged a condensator Venturi apparatus or a small self contained combination sump & pump for AC condensate. If the pump in the photo isn’t working, you will have to rebuild or...
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    Replacing Cabin Sole

    I have used both; they are used as architectural glazing compounds for securing and sealing glass panels to buildings. Both are great products. Not sure about silpruf; however, 795UV offers some protection to uv exposure. Would think that if is suitable for attaching glass panels to a sky...
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    Replacing Cabin Sole

    The screws holding my composite panels to fiberglass grid are countersunk with no bungs to conceal the head. Appearance is acceptable. I certainly understand production builders using adhesives to attach the sole for reduced cost; however, it is a major ordeal to remove and impossible to do so...
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    Beneteau 43 Main Line Replacement

    There should be a chart in your owner’s manual that lists all running rigging cordage diameter & length. See no reason for having to splice; you need a continuous unspliced line that will not hang up on turning blocks & sheaves. If you can’t find the chart in the owners manual, call Beneteau...
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    Replacing Cabin Sole

    Roy, Have you considered a composite material that is the approximate thickness of the old plywood sole. You could screw the new decking to the liner, so there would be no issues with any adhesive bonding because of silicone residue. Also, if you ever need to run new plumbing or wiring, it...
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    Leaks from hull/deck joint Hunter 33.5

    Don, My 1988 Hunter 33.5 had leaks as evidenced by stains on the carpeting; however, the stanchion bases were the source. Had to rebed all of the bases. Also, Chain plates had leaked before I purchased and forward teak bulkhead stained where the chain plates attached inside the...
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    Cetol gloss

    Don't know. I typically use two coats of cetol natural & two coats of gloss. Holds up well for approximately four years on Gulf Coast, which in my opinion is great! Don't know if natural only would last as long as the combination.
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    Hunter 33 - separation of upper structure from hull

    Suggest watching the videos that I recommended on You Tube. I think you will have a better understanding of the damage that you have as well as the proper manner in which to repair. In your photos, it is apparent that you not only have debonding of the grid; however, there are several areas...
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    Hunter 33 - separation of upper structure from hull

    Definitely appears that the structural grid has delaminated from the hull. If there was a hard grounding, many times the aft end of the keel will be driven into the hull because of the leverage of the keel being forced back and up. Regardless of the cause, the repair will consist of removing...
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    Propane solenoid valve

    Will be interesting to hear from others on this topic; however, I would first confirm that the valve meets ABYC standards. Regardless of cost, this is not an item to be selected on price alone. Too much riding on this device, including your life.
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    Flooded O'Day Mariner - Am I Crazy?

    Don't know; however, Bier Barge stated that everything electrical would have to be replaced. Guessing that the boat must be rigged with at least navigation lights.
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Nice design & great craftsmanship!