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    Flooding issues with Tohatsu 8 HP 2-stroke

    Check prices of rebuild kits vs. a new carburetor, sometimes the kits don't do it and the price differential may not be worth the cleaning hassle and continued operating problems.
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    Propane Outboard

    Chinese manufacturers do not go bankrupt, beware of the same product coming back under a different brand name with new ambassadors backing.
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    New Outboard on Order

    Both gasoline and propane fumes are heavier than air, if your fuel locker is vented for gasoline it will be fine for propane, just make sure.
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    Are Boat Shows Good Places to get Deals on New Sails?

    It is a good place to find deals on nicely equipped display new boats. The Manufacturers have gotten their advertising value, would be happy to avoid transportation costs after the show and give a local Dealer the sale.
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    Tiller Tamers for 1965 Widgeon

    It would be a waste of time and effort to install a tiller tamer on a Widgeon. First of all there is no practical purpose; where are you going to move to if not by the tiller? Second the boat's length is too short to hold a straight course or balance for any length of time. It requires...
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    FP hose clamp failure

    Very likely, but take it as a reminder that periodically all clamps, hoses, valves and thru hulls should be checked to avoid mishaps. See if it possible two install double clamps on the hoses for the generator.
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    Outboard issues

    Three things necessary for an engine to start. Compression, a timed spark and air/fuel mixture. Compression is easy to check, pull the cord and feel the pulsed resistance. If no resistance check head gasket, valves in a 4 stroke or piston rings. To check for fuel flow crank the engine a few...
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    It is likely to do what you propose. The towing specs in the US are very conservative as the vehicles are anticipated to legally tow at Interstate speeds of 70MPH. Check the European ratings for a similar vehicle to get a better idea of your vehicle's capability. Another concern is...
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    New bilge pump

    This may sound illogical but a smaller 500 GPH will discharge the incidental water in your bilge just as well, with a much smaller footprint. Remember these small electrical pumps are just convenience items and not intended to handle any significant ingress of water. If I were to install a...
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    B 311 bilge pump float switch

    If there is a bilge pump installed in the boat, you already have the wiring necessary to either install a float switch or replace the pump with an automatic one. The only function you may lack is the one for the manual operation to override the Auto function.. Many older boats had the pump...
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    Propane solenoid valve

    I have in the past temporarily by-passed the solenoid switch until a replacement could be procured. I was not concerned at all as I knew I could run to the tank and close the valve manually practically just as quickly as turning the remote electrical switch off. I never lost the awareness for...
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    Hitch ball size for Trail-Rite trailer for Catalina 18?

    Also worry about the load rating in pounds.
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    When is diesel fuel too old?

    I trust what you are saying but is that "storage" time just between refinery, transportation and distribution?
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    Exhaust Steam

    Are you loosing any coolant? What grade of engine oil are you running?