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    Refrigeration - My big off season project

    There are 2 kinds of ECMs for the Isotherms. The one I have has just a dial. The other one has more gadgets but from what I saw on other posts it is very problematic and best avoided. I have no complaints with the one I have. One caveat is it is a smart device that must be programmed with 8 dip...
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    Moorage Madness

    A 30 foot slip in an urban marina costs me 4K per year. I consider that high but the marina was just rebuilt and it is across the street from me so convenience is a huge factor.
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    Moorage Madness

    I think you win this thread. Very nice Marina.
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    Electric toilets ... like them or not?

    I have about the same size boat you do. I have a 15 gallon holding tank. I looked long and hard at an electric toilet on sale at a boat show. The issue was it put a lot of waste water per flush into my tank. Otherwise I would have probably jumped on it. I don't remember the actual numbers but I...
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    Refrigeration - My big off season project

    I replaced mine two years ago with an Isotherm pre-charged model from Defender. Took a leisurely half day to install it. So far so good. There is a thread on it somewhere back there but I am not technically adept enough to retrieve it.
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    Worth all 41 minutes. Great video. That was interesting how strong the lashing construction is. I guess it was the way to go for millennia.
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    Preventing Battery Freeze

    A little late to the party here but if you are not worried about winterizing your engine or plumbing then you should not be concerned about your batteries, They are more robust than your plumbing. If you regularly visit your boat over the winter I would leave the batteries (and the whole...
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    Ever wonder what could be swimming beneath your keel?

    Really Cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    New Sail Suggestions & Sail Maker in Chesapeake Bay

    Bacon is good also and stocks many used sails. These are two of many sail lofts in the Naptown area. No need to go mail order here.
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    New Sail Suggestions & Sail Maker in Chesapeake Bay

    I am a little late to the party but I recommend Ullman Sails in Eastport. They are local and have always done good by me. He will take the time to talk to you and he will honestly evaluate your sails. They clean and maintain my sails.
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    Do these actually work

    I bought a cheap Harbor Freight pressure washer 4 years ago and it works fine every year. You just have to use a little caution when using it.
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    Buying a car, what are your preferences?

    AGREED! That is the dumbest feature I ever saw in a car. The first time it happened to me I thought someone rear ended me. I saw a very expensive BMW do that at an intersection. Looked like one of those gas golf carts. They do it as a cheat so they can make the federal mileage requirements...
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    Buying a car, what are your preferences?

    I am sold on Hondas. I had an 89 Accord and traded it in at 420,000 miles. Still ran well.
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    Sailboat show... which one?

    Local parking during the show is very rough if not impossible. Parking at Navy Stadium and taking the shuttle is the best bet. The cost is 10.00 for both. The better but pricier option is getting a room withing walking distance of the show. If you want to do that you should look into that now...
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    Dried soot in engine compartment.

    Don't discount stray exhaust. Back in 2015 I started to notice small amounts of soot in my engine compartment. Then after docking after a 2.5 hour motoring trip the engine compartment was an unholy mess of soot. What happened was a very small hole started to form in the exhaust riser. This was...