Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 Sound’s Great 2011 NY US Mt. Sinai, NY Catalina 22, Newport 28, O'day 35, C&C 110 After living on an island (Long Island) my whole life, in 2003 my wife convinced me that a sailboat would be a good idea. We bought a Catalina 22 and I fell in love with sailing. A year later the Catalina was replaced with a Newport 28. Great boat and I learned much sailing that boat. After a few years with the Newport I wanted something bigger so my family and I (3 kids) could go away for a week of so. In late November 2006 I bought an Oday 35. The O'day has been a great boat but I wanted something newer and faster. So, in October 2013 I bought a 2002 C&C 110.


Barry Lenoble
Sound’s Great, 2011 Jeanneau 409
Mt. Sinai, NY