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    I need a used mast for a Hunter 34

    Still need a mast? I know of one on an H34 that was destroyed by fire. Mast is in good shape, could send you photos and info if you need. It is in Oklahoma however
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    More on Maine Sail

    Donated! Get well soon Rodd. He has done so much to support the sailing and boating communities, now its our turn to help him!
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    Hunter 34 deck non skid needs painting

    Whats the name of that specific synthetic teak product? I've seen many, and gotten samples of Lonseal before, but in hand it looks very "fake". The picture you shows looks way less like a roll of plastic.
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    H34 Compression Post

    I did not tie my post into the side beams directly other than the thickened epoxy used to install my block. I did have some rot in the middle of my beam so I chiseled it out and used thickened epoxy to permanently install a block of 6061 Aluminum which was drilled and tapped to accept my new...
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    Exactly! The previous owner of my boat decided to throw the port tank and the holding tank out because he was too wimpy to clean them from the owner before him. So he put in a way too small holding tank, and never replaced the port water tank, I still have the aft tank at least. I've thought of...
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Mind giving us amateurs a lesson? What paint did you use and how much did you thin it? I've used perfection and if I didn't thin it, it was impossible and still hard not to get orange peel even with thinning it 10%. I guess thats why you did wet sanding between coats eh?
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    Well if for any reason you decide to sell that tank, I will take it off your hands!
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    Hunter 34 deck non skid needs painting

    Waiting to dry Tape pulled
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    Hunter 34 deck non skid needs painting

    We did Total Boat Total Tread in light gray. I don't have experience with any other non-skids though. It went on well, 2 coats, and has been very durable except where my wife accidentally hit it with the orbital when working on another project - at least its easy to touch up. We only scuffed...
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    Thru Hull Backers

    Best material for backing plate is G10 or a comparable solid fiberglass layup using epoxy.
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    Rudder bearings H34 (H means Hunter)

    Sorry don't know the diameter for you but delrin would be my choice.
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    Midship cleat on toe rail?

    The original post wasn't asking for permanent docking midship cleats. Their purpose is to aid in docking, before you setup your permanent mooring lines. However I will say I motor against mine during docking solo with my 12,000-13,000 lbs H34 and have yet to have a problem or concern doing it...
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    Midship cleat on toe rail?

    Garhauer track cleat that goes on the jib track. Really reasonable price, amazing quality and does what you need and can be moved at the start of your sail easily to accomodate jib car movement.
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    H34 rig tension

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    H34 rig tension

    I can't speak to my forestay since its got furling extrusion around it, but was your rig upsized at some point? The split portion of my backstays are 1/4" and my shrouds V1 and V2 are 1/4". My D1 is 9/32.