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    FIrst 42s7 cabin sole refinishing

    Could you show a picture of the sole? I'm not familiar with one with rubber strips embedded. The cockpit seats on our 331 is teak with black silicone between the surface it that?
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    Pearson 28 scuppers flood cockpit with slight heel.

    I believe I read of a test where they placed a common house gutter in the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats and it was filled with leaves in a week--and probably overflowing with water too. I'm pretty sure that a scupper could pull it off as well ;)
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    Looking at a First 375

    That's too bad, Jeffrey, but a smart call, I think. The owner wasted a likely good boat by leaving it that way.
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    Looking at a First 375

    Sorry the interior inspection went so bad Jeffrey! No way would I go with a boat with all that standing water in it, let alone water that has no doubt frozen in the past.
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    to furl in mast, or not?

    Late to this discussion, but I have to say I love having in mast furling on our Bene 331. With it, I'm much more likely to raise the sails on an iffy wind day, because it is so easy. And it's easy to go out reefed and let out more as needed. The drama level when furling vs. the old days (for us)...
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    Air Condition meaning of A 1-6 On the Display

    @BigEasy 's answer will serve you well for most of the equipment on your boat. Boat manufacturers mainly make a hull and then equip it with stuff from various makers. The Hunter "manual" for your boat was most likely a compendium of various user manuals. Luckily you can obtain many of the...
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    Do I need a new Alternator?

    I don't usually wade in on electrical stuff, especially when MaineSail, who's a professional, and others who are very knowledgeable have already commented. But I think the OP has fixated on the alternator as a simple fix, when I suspect it just isn't going to take care of things in a mooring...
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    Taking on water

    I'd look at the thru hulls too, but on a port tack the starboard thru hulls will be the ones farther underwater than when level.
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    Genius time fix for Beckson @#%&* portlight gasket

    Before I hand you your Nobel, I'll need to see a picture :-)
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    Beneteau 323: Replacement transom shower head?

    Not available on the Beneteau site?
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    Jib Sail Beat Down..

    As @JohnShannon said, it can really help to have the engine running and an autopilot holding you to the wind in cases like that.
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    Do high-quality bungee cords exist?

    I've had good luck with these Perfect Bungee cords. Looks like they are available right here at SailboatOwners: They aren't quite as stretchy as rubber cored ones, but they last a long time even out in the sun, the hooks are plastic so no chance of...
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    Spring cleaning and waxing time I just thought it would be an interesting.

    I've used the Presta products with good I generally only need their polish and can skip the compound. But for wax I found Collinite way too hard on me getting it off and the shine on, so I use NuFinish for the wax step. I'm happy with it and my shoulder thanks me.
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    What should i expect of a 34' 35 year old $25k boat?

    I had a 87 Pearson 28-2 that I loved--a wonderful boat. But stanchions, chainplates, bow pulpit, and really anything bolted through the deck absolutely needed to be rebedded when I got it as a 20 year old boat. I'm surprised your current owner hasn't done that by now! And yes, those stanchion...