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    Moorage Madness

    Less painful looking number!
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    Beneteau 331- Replace head

    Same here.
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    331 Oceanis wiring diagram

    My French made 331 did not come with any devices to separate batteries--beyond switches. I've since rewired things so that the house bank handles everything and is always charged, with the backup battery getting it's charge from an Echo Charger.
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    Port leaks

    I wipe off the acrylic and the gasket pretty much every time I close a port when leaving the boat. I always find dirt on both, which can't help the seal. If I noticed a leak between the gasket and the acrylic, I'd look at getting a new gasket.
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    Original Microwave

    Don't know the brand, but my 331 has what looks to be an original microwave installed. I *think* it was held in by some screws from the back which were accessed from the cockpit locker area.
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    Maine Sail update

    This is indeed distressing news! But thanks for letting us know so we can send our positive thoughts in Rodd's direction. As others have said, I don't think it is possible to have been on this site for long and to not have benefitted from @Maine Sail's expertise. An incredible resource who...
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    Teak seats and trim.

    I've been working off of a can I've had for well over 5 years and have forgotten how much it cost. But considering how easy it is and how much I like the results, yes, it was worth it, whatever the price was!
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    Teak seats and trim.

    +1 Another happy user of Semco
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    I can't really agree, but it does sound like you had a sloppy surveyor--or at least one who is sloppy with his/her reports. I think some base a new report off of an old one--not hard to see how a less-careful person can leave old info in there.
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    Reefer Drain

    On my 331 a valve under the sink in the head directs whether the shower sump pulls from the shower or the refrigerator. Once you switch to refrigerator, the button on the sink drains the fridge.
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    My 2003 Beneteau 411 shower floor drain is stop up. Does anyone know where the valve is located to release the water. My subpump does work.

    While way back some sailboats drained showers into the bilge, I don't think there's any way Beneteau would be doing that on a fairly modern boat. So are you saying that there is no switch/button to operate the shower drain pump somewhere in the head? Maybe right above the faucet?
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    My 2003 Beneteau 411 shower floor drain is stop up. Does anyone know where the valve is located to release the water. My subpump does work.

    So have you hit the toggle switch that runs the shower drain pump? I see a toggle switch on the Beneteau parts site. The drain doesn't just drain out--it has to be pumped out.
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    Shower drain clogged

    On my 331, the shower drain and the refrigerator drain share a pump that lives under the head sink. Also under there is a plumbing switch valve to choose which to pump. That's the plumbing part. Electrically, there's a breaker for that pump that must be on, and then a momentary on button on the...
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    Leak on B332

    My 331 was leaking water through the bulkhead at the aft end of the anchor locker. In my case, it was mainly rain, but then I rarely get a chance to bury the bow on the Chesapeake! The main culprit was a small hole that looked harmless but water running down the bulkhead came through. The other...
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    Help with diagnosing engine failing to start

    Here's a Yanmar example of a similar situation. After a easy, robust start in the morning, our 2GM20F Yanmar wouldn't crank at all in the afternoon. It turned out it had a fuse buried in the harness that could blow right when you hit the start button. Apparently resulted from something like the...