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    Air Condition meaning of A 1-6 On the Display

    @BigEasy 's answer will serve you well for most of the equipment on your boat. Boat manufacturers mainly make a hull and then equip it with stuff from various makers. The Hunter "manual" for your boat was most likely a compendium of various user manuals. Luckily you can obtain many of the...
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    Do I need a new Alternator?

    I don't usually wade in on electrical stuff, especially when MaineSail, who's a professional, and others who are very knowledgeable have already commented. But I think the OP has fixated on the alternator as a simple fix, when I suspect it just isn't going to take care of things in a mooring...
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    Taking on water

    I'd look at the thru hulls too, but on a port tack the starboard thru hulls will be the ones farther underwater than when level.
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    Genius time fix for Beckson @#%&* portlight gasket

    Before I hand you your Nobel, I'll need to see a picture :-)
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    Beneteau 323: Replacement transom shower head?

    Not available on the Beneteau site?
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    Jib Sail Beat Down..

    As @JohnShannon said, it can really help to have the engine running and an autopilot holding you to the wind in cases like that.
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    Do high-quality bungee cords exist?

    I've had good luck with these Perfect Bungee cords. Looks like they are available right here at SailboatOwners: They aren't quite as stretchy as rubber cored ones, but they last a long time even out in the sun, the hooks are plastic so no chance of...
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    Spring cleaning and waxing time I just thought it would be an interesting.

    I've used the Presta products with good I generally only need their polish and can skip the compound. But for wax I found Collinite way too hard on me getting it off and the shine on, so I use NuFinish for the wax step. I'm happy with it and my shoulder thanks me.
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    What should i expect of a 34' 35 year old $25k boat?

    I had a 87 Pearson 28-2 that I loved--a wonderful boat. But stanchions, chainplates, bow pulpit, and really anything bolted through the deck absolutely needed to be rebedded when I got it as a 20 year old boat. I'm surprised your current owner hasn't done that by now! And yes, those stanchion...
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    Furling Mains About to go into the water?

    So, the outhaul car comes apart, Mechone? Hard to do? Source for the torlon balls?
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    B381 Lifeline Stantion bases

    I've added a front gate to the starboard side of my 2000 331 using one of the double stanchions obtained from Beneteau. I left the rear gates in place. My stanchions end in a large (20mm?) bolt at the bottom that goes through a hole in the toe rail plate and deck and is secured with a single nut...
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    Somebody told me the sailing season was over in the NE, but.....

    I think it was skippers mounting their outboard on the beam that was the downfall of the classic wooden sawhorse double-ender quad-keel boat.
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    393 2004 toe rail block

    I replaced the sheaves in that type of block on my 331 last winter. I didn't record the sheave size unfortunately, but I found workable sized Delrin ones at Rig-Rite (it might have been their NF 73). To replace the drilled out pins, I used 18-8 Stainless Clevis Pins with Retaining Ring Groove...
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    Fresh water intake for Mid 90s models

    As Gunni pointed out, you can sink your boat with a pressurized shore water hookup. I've read accounts of this in Boat US magazine.