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    Propane tank questions

    I don't know the size of the tank on my 331 but it is certainly smaller than the typical home barbeque tank. To handle running out of gas unexpectedly, I carry a 1-lb cannister in the propane locker and an adapter that would let me connect it to the boat's propane system instead of the main...
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    Chirping alarm sound while engine running

    I'm with @jssailem. If you thought you heard/smelled/saw something, pay attention to it like it really is something. I've learned this through a couple of scary object lessons!
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    Beneteau 331 engine room fan

    I went sailing yesterday and listened and felt for any blower. Nada. Now there is a "Fan" breaker on an auxiliary DC panel, but the only thing I know it operates are the cabin fans.
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    Beneteau 331 engine room fan

    Do you hear the blower when you turn on the key switch?
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    Beneteau 331 engine room fan

    I think I'll check that out...later, when I can do it without filling my bilge with sweat!
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    Beneteau 331 engine room fan

    No, I definitely couldn't swear to it, especially if it automatically runs when the engine runs and is located in the stern.
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    Beneteau 331 engine room fan

    My 331 (hull #2) doesn't have an exhaust fan--I don't know that it ever did. I always thought the duct tube running into the engine area was for intake air.
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    Bilge burden

    I'm another with the super shallow Beneteau bilge(s). Pretty easy to keep it spick and span. But I do have to watch all of that hidden and inaccessible drain space under the liner. Thank goodness Beneteau doesn't drain the frige or shower in there, but I have had a can or two of soft drink burst...
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    What is these brown stuff on my hull

    What I was thinking.
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    Beneteau 331, Screw at rub rail?

    Mystery solved and all, but as long as we're looking at the bottom of your bottom paint?
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    Battery select

    So, on 1 or 2 your engine *will* start? My last boat was set up that way, and I thought many/most boats were. Whether I thought of one of them as "Start" and one as "House", whichever one the switch was set on, that battery would supply power for everything, starting and house. The problem came...
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    Safely at the Dock

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    Beneteau Bilge Pics

    My first thought was "now there's a weird fetish"!:)
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    Shore Power set up

    My thought--and I think this was @Ron20324's--was that I always plug the shorepower cord into the boat before plugging it into the shorepower to make sure I don't have hold of a live wire while standing on a boat.
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    Nasty barnacle season in Chesapeake

    My boat is at Herrington North. I haven't been able to look at my prop yet, but was out twice last week and the boat ran well under power so mine can't be too bad. Sailing in light wind seemed OK too. I do use Barnacle Barrier on the prop, and WM CPP ablative bottom paint.