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    1980 37C cutter traveller car

    I have just returned from my boat having fitted a Ronstan 26 series 4:1 traveller system, slightly cheaper than the Lewmar mentioned above which I also considered. The Admiral is now capable of shifting the car on her own.
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    So How Many of Us Are There?

    I'm not one for posting much, but I regularly lurk and read others trials and tribulations especially now that I get a weekly update in my email box. I appreciate all those who have posted, I have and am learning alot about my boat from you. Thanks Angus
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    Experience with beta marine?

    Hi I repowered my H37c from a 2QM20 to a Beta 35, got a local mechanic to install it with some help from me (easy bits). We phoned Beta with some questions during installation and they were very helpful. 12 months later I had a rough trip into Peterhead and the swell stirred up my fuel tank...
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    The Eyebrow

    Re: eyebrow A previous owner removed the 'brow' and filled and painted the holes so I can't see its original position, I didn't know it had a strip until joining this forum. Did it go above the moulded groove, on the edge or above the port holes?
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    Toe-rail bolt size???

    I've thought of buying these toerail cleats, that bolt on to the toerail with 150mm hole centres. Being higher than the rail negates the need for a fairlead. Angus
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    I haven't done anything about it yet, the leak is only when I'm full steam ahead on engine. When I'm next due out of the water I'm going to drop the rudder and replace the hose attaching the stuffing box to the thru hull tube (is that also called a log?). I'll reassess tension on the stuffing...
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    I've had a similar thing, I fitted a new engine and upgraded to a 3 blade propeller to match increased engine size. The 'leak' only happens on higher revs when the boat is charging through the water, and not at same revs tied to dock, I assumed it was because the back of the boat sinks down when...
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    Should I be worried about this? Internal fibreglass damage

    Re: Should I be worried about this? Internal fibreglass dama Jim, does the fibreglass liner attached to he hull give any structural support to the hull? I've been cutting in to mine to lower the galley stove, and remove the original freezer unit. Angus
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    Speed of the 37c

    Speed fiend When I let my mother helm last summer she managed to get 8.7kts on the log display but I am embarrassed to say I have yet to acheive this myself
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    Need to get a cradle built...many difficulties

    In Arbroath the slip way cradle has sliding wedges, as the boat keel settles on the cradle base they pull the wooden wedges in on ropes and steady the boat as it comes out, then further shore-ing up is done if necessary. They took measurements of my H37C when I was in their yard (craned in /...
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    Staysail boom height

    John, good point! Looking at your photo, my boom is already shorter than yours but I'll go and remeasure bearing that in mind. The space I'm hoping to utilize is very obvious in your photo, on the deck not the coach roof, under the boom.
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    Staysail boom height

    Jim, the PO left two two staysails neither of which have luff's long enough to reach the mast with the extension I'm thinking of, (8 to 14 inches)
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    Staysail boom height

    I have a wire strop holding the boom down when the sail is hoisted. I was wondering if I could make this strop longer and mount a liferaft underneath the boom. Will this affect the sail / boom and am I missing something I should be considering? any thoughts?
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    Main Sheet

    re: dianaofburlington I was considering making my mainsheet tackle removable from the traveller car as an emergency MOB rescue winch or a crane for bringing heavy gear onboard from my tender. If snap shackles are a no-no, (thank goodness I haven't ordered the parts yet) what might suffice...
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    Staysail Track Profile

    yup, the rigrite website has ends and traveller parts which look like the ones I have. Can I assume the mainsail traveller track is the larger 1 7/16" track from the same manufacturer Thanks Angus