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    We are new owners of a Yamaha 36! Would like to contact with others to learn and know about their experience and updates. Fair winds

    I have several Yamaha owners manuals posted. The Y36 is near the bottom. Let me know if you can't see them - I'm not sure if I have the file sharing permissions correct
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    You can see a bit about SV Seven here

    You can see a bit about SV Seven here
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    Stern tube hose replacement Yamaha 30

    I've done this a few times. It's one long shaft from the reverse gear to the propeller. Disconnect the coupler in the engine space, loosen the set screws in the pillow block, (there might be an additional locking hardware at these blocks). Remove the propeller and the zincs. Pull the shaft - it...
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    Mast Builder for Yamaha 33

    Does anyone know the mast builder for the Yamaha 33? I need to replace a gooseneck and this would help a lot. Richard
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    New owner of 'Shamanita' Y25 (SF Bay)

    I have most Yamaha manuals posted here: Yamaha 33 Sloop - SV Trinity - Yamaha Sailboat Manuals and a bunch of factory promotional material here, too:
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    Yamaha 26 Owner’s Manual

    I have manuals up at I have more - let me know if you're interested -Richard
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    ‘81 Yamaha 30 Stuffing Box

    -Servicing this in the water is super easy. Get the graphite impregnated teflon material as it's slippery and runs cooler, (sorry, I can't remember the size, but you can pull the stuffing box apart to measure the gap - put it back together while you order the material). Cut 3 rings of it with a...
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    Yamaha 33 Site for Trinity

    I'm working on this Yamaha 33 website and figured I'd keep a log. Here are some more adventures, pictures and video, if you like; Richard
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    Y33 Manual

    Here is a scanned copy of the Yamaha 33 Owners Manual: This is the earlier model, with the forward mounted engine.
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    Chronicling the Rescue and Refubishment of my Yamaha 33

    Do provide a link - I'm keen to see your progress and share notes. Empress looked fantastic on Flickr. She was also on my list. I'd emailed the contact on Flickr, but he replied that he'd sold the boat years ago. I'm glad you got a good price. A refit won't be cheap, but you'll know every...
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    Yamaha 33 Site for Trinity

    One of the crew made a much better video of the trip -
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    Replacing portlights on Yamaha 33

    The silicone is a mess, but nothing compared to the Dow 795. The 795 is the right sealant, but removing it is a sticky tar ball of unmanageable black goo that adheres to everything. I had to re-do one last year and I could never finish cleaning it up.
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    Replacing portlights on Yamaha 33

    That's a hard job - Nice work!
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    Yamaha 33 Site for Trinity

    Got the video stitched together. You might find it entertaining.
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    Yamaha 33 Site for Trinity

    The forward V is 6'7" from the bulkhead to the front edge of the cushion, but it's pretty narrow at your feet. There's a pretty good drawing on page 1-7 of the manual and it provides great access to the fuel tank and engine. I haven't slept in the Vee as it's full of sails. I prefer the quarter...