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    1984 h27 Port Replacement

    It is square, they sell with flat flange only and it sits nicely on wide flat edge around hatch opening. Installed with butyl and screws maybe 7-8 years ago, been perfect. Lewmar Ocean.
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    1984 h27 Port Replacement

    Thanks for good words - A ton of work to install though, after learning on first two, averaged 5-6 hours per port!
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    1984 h27 Port Replacement

    Good question, it really was the look. There are some disadvantages versus stainless - the SS don't tarnish. The brass tarnish VERY fast. The first one was already turning green by the time I got the second done; and with New Found, the stainless have hinges that hold the glass open at any...
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    1984 h27 Port Replacement

    I have just finished replacing the original Gray Industries plastic ports with New Found brass ports. I am offering the old ports, or parts there of, for free, plus shipping. The old ports are the standard 5 x 12 and 7 x 15 (4 of each) for the h27 and are in poor shape. Most have at least 1...
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    1980 H27 Cherubini Rudder Removal

    Wow, no responses. I have a 1984 h27 and I'm interested in removing my rudder also and looking for help. The biggest problem I see is removing the 4 ss bolts that hold the two halves of the cast aluminum radius wheel to the rudder shaft. I tried to loosen for 2 weeks on last pull out. Tried...
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    Anchor Rode Wrap Around Wing Keel

    Here's a link to a story I wrote for Sail Magazine that was published in 2012. Since then, I have added a 15 pound river anchor (similar to a mushroom) as a kellet to my anchoring plan, and have not had the problem again. One point is that the circumstance can be encountered even with a...
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    H27, Pulling mast - Drop roller furling first?

    Hey folks, I'm planning to pull the mast on my 1984 h27 to rewire and resolve compression post issues, but never having pulled the mast before, I'm not sure whether to pull the mast with the roller furling still attached, or to tie a line on the top of the roller furling and ease down before...
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    Furlex 100-S

    Well it has been about 5-6 years since I last popped mine, so my memory on this is not great. My thinking is since they pop out the top of the swivel, they will go back in that way. The first one will slip in easily. The trick is to find the depression where the little nub on the side of the...
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    Balancing Concerns

    I agree that your solution will work. Be aware that when under diesel power, the h27 stern has a tendency to squat, especially if you are pushing hard. The force of the propulsion wants to raise the bow and lower the stern, at least a few inches.
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    Furlex 100-S

    The halyard swivel on the Furlex 100s has 2 plastic half sleeves that act as a bushing in the top of the swivel. If you, or anyone, has ever lowered the swivel down over the sail loader, the loaded will hit the sleeves and these plastic sleeves will pop out. This has happened to me twice. The...
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    When does age become a decision variable?

    Ed/Commenters, great question and discussion. At 68 3/4 I've been facing the issue. At this point I plan on looking at the facts - am I using the boat? - if not, time to sell. My boat needs to be used. It would be a crime if it just sat and was left to deteriorate. I bought my boat 12...
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    Bottom Paint Blues

    Hey, would like some feedback on bottom paint. Have had h27 '84 for 12 years, located on Cape Fear River about 25 miles from ocean, but still tidal and brackish. I have always pulled the boat every 3 years to do maintenance and bottom paint. Have used 2 coats of Interlux Ultra each time...
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    Who sailed today?

    Went out yesterday morning (Sunday) for an hour on the Cape Fear river, NC. Temp about 60. Have removed canvas for the winter so just motor, but charged batteries and pushed some oil around. Super nice to get out this time of year. No pics.
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    Lower Rudder Bushing Removal?

    I think Steve is right. The bushing is not designed to seal.. The water seal is just above the waterline at rest, but drops below under power. I have an '84 h27 and had the same problem until I replaced packing (actually packing was completely gone). Here is a pic of the h27 setup. note...