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    PFD auto inflating

    Four years ago I got 2 West Marine inshore autoinflator PFDs. Since then on 2 occasions I have found a jacket had auto inflated while in the boat cabin. There were no leaks in the cabin so water didn't set it off. The cellulose crystal in the bobbin was present but the spring loaded plunger had...
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    C22 Swing Keel/Fiberglass Repair?

    The repair looks beautiful. I'm saving your photos in case I'm unlucky enough to have to do mine in the future. Fairing the keel is a big job in it's own right. I did mine because my keel was severely rusted. It was covered in knuckle sized "rusticles." After I chiseled them off I had the pile...
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    C22 Swing Keel/Fiberglass Repair?

    The stingy sailor (The $tingy Sailor) has a detailed series on fairing the keel - including a template to get the proper foil shape. When I replaced my keel it was tricky getting the holes in the bracket to align with the threads in the weldments. It required raising the hangers into place with...
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    Purchasing a Trailer - Cat 22 Retractable Keel

    My trailer supports the keel with a roller attached to the axle. Like the rollers you can see at the front of the trail to the right of your picture. I float the boat onto the trailer with the keel up, haul it out and then lower the keel on to the roller. The down side is that the roller isn't...
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    Chesapeake Bay Charter Companies

    Also check Sail Solomons on Solomons Island at the mouth of the Patuxent River. Much closer to BWI. I have chartered their Beneteau 323 (and taken ASA courses from them). Their fleet is small compared to Haven but their boats are exceptionally well maintained. Our sailing club has had good...
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    When I removed the upper shroud chainplate to rebed it I attached the halyard to the base of the adjacent stantion to support the top of the mast. The lower shrouds would probably be enough but I used the halyard as a backup.
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    Purchasing a Trailer - Cat 22 Retractable Keel

    I have a trailer for my CAT 22 and as the previous posts point out the bunks are curved to match the shape of the hull so the weight isn't concentrated on a small area. You can see the curve on LakeShark's attachment. You can also see the support for the (swing) keel. I assume you have a swing...
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    Stepping the mast with just muscle?

    As Tedd and Judy say lateral sway is the danger. If the boat is in the water it will heel to that side adding one more element to JudyB's vivid description. Also, keep an eye on the attachment of the turnbuckles (upper and rear lower shrouds) to the chainplates while raising the mast. They can...
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    iMarine USA Review

    I ordered a plug for the depth transducer for my (very old) Garmin GPS. It was a quality product (made by Airmar) and arrived amazingly fast. But, I emailed a question about how to assemble the parts of the plug and never got a reply. I emailed Airmar and they answered the same day with photos...
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    Block and tackle mast climb

    The halyard is only taking the strain put on it by the winch raising the sail - not the full weight of the boat. The issue isn't static load but impact load. Even a fall of a couple of feet (e.g. off of a mast step) puts an amazing strain on the rope. Climbing ropes are built with stretch (up...
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    Block and tackle mast climb

    I have been a rock climber for many years. Good technique requires two (and preferably three) independent anchor points and a rope protected from weakening by dirt and ultraviolet. Ascending a mast using a halyard falls short of these standards. I have used a prusik wrap on the mast itself as...
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    Catalina 22 crack near lock pin

    The keel mounting bolt is pretty much above the waterline in the keel trunk so you shouldn't get much water in. You could grind the crack down and glass it in. It does look as if the keel struck something with the bolt locked I don't think overtightening the bolt could do that. I'd take a look...
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    Bought a 75 Cat 22

    I refinished the keel on my 1983 C22. It was much worse - knuckle size nodules of rust all over it. Stingy Sailor has a detailed 5 part series of articles on refinishing the keel. Check out:
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    Ransomware strikes Garmin for $10M

    Garmin is starting to come back. I have a fitness tracker that syncs with laptop software and a smartphone app. The data is then backed up to Garmin. When Garmin went down late last week the wristband stopped communicating with the software or app. In fact the app would start to boot and then...
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    The Perfect Hat

    Most hats have 3-4 inch brims which aren't very good at shielding the lower face and neck. I use this Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap. My children can't stand how it looks but it works great.