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    Sandy Damaged 65,000+ Pleasureboats

    i would like to see the statistic on that.? The best sailing is on the west coast..?? but I think there are more people on the East Coast. The best sailing is anywhere you can hoist your sails. I had some of my best sailing days on the Ohio river 150 miles from the great lakes, 350...
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    HMS Bounty - combined thread

    R.I.P. Bounty. I seen the Bounty in Erie Pa docked for the night on its way to Chicago. I must of seen it before its latest restoation, It was pretty, bugt not clean. I still dont understand why the crew didnt hoist the sails and head for land.?? The last picture of the HMS bounty...
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    How fast is your boat?

    Macgregor 26X. motoring with 50hp I could go about 16 mph, motoring with the wind and waves less than 3` I could hit 19.5 mph.. Riding the bow waves of freighters I could hit 20mph.. Sailing into the wind, maybe 6 mph max, but not a very good pointing boat. Off the wind (45 degrees)with no...
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    just joined this part of the forum. always enjoyed Sailing on lake Erie but about 15 years ago I bought my 2 young boys dirtbikes, and then I had to buy a dirtbike so I could follow/chase/rescue them into the deep woods behind our house. After a few years the boys became socccer fanatics...
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    The Rainbow Warrior III

    Video of R.W. III. I wonder whats it top speed uner Sail..?/ 14 knots
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    The "Rest Of The Story"

    Have you considered sanding and smoothing out the hull below the water line for better sailing performance.. Is it just me or is the blue bottom rough looking..??
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    The "Rest Of The Story"

    Nice pictures Nice boaT. iT LOOKS LIKE THE FACTORY DIDNT`T REFINISH YOUR HULL BELOW the water line.. I also owned a 1988 Mac 26D. Sold it in 1999. i Iwas hoping that MacGregor would start making another Water Ballast performance 24-26 foot Sailboat.