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    Frozen Fiberglass - Survey Issue?

    Or getting left out in the cold. Sorry.
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    Frozen Fiberglass - Survey Issue?

    My surveyor seems to be taking some serious heat here. Too bad he’s not here to defend himself.
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    Frozen Fiberglass - Survey Issue?

    My surveyor took extensive meter readings on Mirage with a Tramex moisture meter. Temperatures appear to have varied from 20 degrees to 35. I have no reason to believe that he was anything but professional and find it hard to believe that he made up all those readings.
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    Frozen Fiberglass - Survey Issue?

    The Can You Trust Them article cites somewhat contradictory findings: “Frozen water. We ran two different tests to determine whether the meters could detect frozen water. In the first, we compared a sample of .135″ laminate and wet paper frozen. No meter gave a reading differing from laminate...
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    Frozen Fiberglass - Survey Issue?

    A friend of mine is considering purchasing a Catalina 42 on the hard in Hull, MA. The surveyor says he “can't test the fiberglass if it's frozen”. (I assume he means test for moisture content.) I've never heard of that. Mirage was tested when it was 20 degrees. No problem. Has anyone run into...
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    This PhotoShop feels wrong.

    Shudder Gram, digitally created Instagram model:
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    Flawed Logic?

    For the same reason it’s coldest one hour after dawn: lag time.
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    Etiquette pet peeves

    Non-descriptive thread titles.
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    Flag Clips

    The problem with those those is that they are too hard to attach and detach. So when you haul down your flags you’ll curse a blue streak getting them off and hate putting them back on next time. That's why I switched to the clips I showed. The loop goes through the flag grommet and tightened...
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    Flag Clips

    I don’t care for those kind of clips. Instead I use these to clip pennants to flag halyards. They’re amazingly strong. That way the pennants are removable when leaving the boat.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    You’re one of the die-hards Tom. Must have been a mite chilly out there.
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    Thankful much?

    Swallows and Amazons. The first in a series of novels written by the English author, Arthur Ransome, about boys and girls learning to sail and camp. Read as a small boy, they were the beginning. “Swallows and Amazon’s forever!”
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    Its funny Friday!

    Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Back in Arizona, sailing Bella Zee on Lake Pleasant. Light winds so we were flying the Code 0.
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    Late season storage options in Maine.

    Mirage is happily at Knight Marine Service in Rockland. Great people. Reasonable rates. Don’t know if they have any room left. They were pretty full when I left for warmer climes.