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    Maine Sail

    Maine Sail, has given me and many others sage advice in the past, we wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he get his health back as fast as he got his sense of humour back! Best Wishes!
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    Rigging the 2nd reef in a 310?

    When we had our new main made this winter, our sailmaker made the reef, a little deeper, hence would be easier than a second reef and we don't INTENTIONALLY sail when we would be overpowered but we have been out in 30 knots, not by choice :biggrin:, But it all worked out. If we are guilty of...
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    Occaisional Head Smell

    Peggy, The Head Mistress, Recommends KO & CP, which we have used for years on two boats with excellent results!
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    Occaisional Head Smell

    Welcome to the Catalina 310/315 Family, We hope you will Love your New Boat, Like we love ours! She is a great child of Catalina Yachts. This SBO is a great source of Information and parts, there are no dumb questions and everyone is here to help! Welcome . Please consider joining the...
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    Mainsail slug replacement

    We ordered New sails this year and our sailmaker-Doyle/Quantum Detroit - we noticed new style of headboard and also a metal top slug that is new design. Good for safety. Welcome, enjoy sailing the 310, she is a great design!
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    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    As John said Limited ONLY by your Wallet! :clap::biggrin::laugh:
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    Adding a solar panel

    Welcome, echoing what others have said this is a great source of Help, Just Ask and you get it!
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    C310/315 IA Webmaster

    Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help Our Organization, we cannot exist without volunteers!
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    Tender 315

    Welcome, Congrats on the New Boat and WELCOME, There is Lots of Good Solid advice here! The best advice I can give is GO OUT AND SAIL, with lifejacket on and Play,! It took us awhile to get used to "learn" our boat but now we are comfy with it! Enjoy!
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    C310/315 IA Webmaster

    I would encourage anyone in the 310/315 association who would have a small amount of spare time to contact Curt about helping. We are all volunteers who do this to help each other.
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    Catalina 310 line drawing appeal?

    This is who we have used for our shirts with our boat name on it. He also does other boats. He is fast and reliable. He has done long and short sleeve shirts for us! Catalina 310 T-Shirt | eBay
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    Odd Discharge

    The BLOB? :kick:
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    Strange starting issue - anyone else experienced?

    I bought the book 12 volt bible, and also electrical sailboat systems, got both on amazon, dirt cheap and worthy!
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    Odd Discharge

    What does it smell like? From the heat EX?
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    Sealing cabin top seams

    Nice JOB, Looks Very Professional!