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    Sad News

    Frank W. Butler – Catalina Yachts Woodland Hills, CA – November 15, 2020 It is with great sadness that we announce that Frank Willis Butler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catalina Yachts, passed away November 15, 2020 in Westlake Village, CA, due to unexpected complications from a...
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    Catalina Galley

    When we owned our Catalina 22 hull #10380 we left the galley in the basement, again racing and little kids. We brought a water jug, Cooler, wet wipes and towels, bathing suits etc. to eliminate the weight of the galley. The 22 is a Great Boat, and we may go back there someday, But all Catalinas...
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    First time boat owner (Catalina 310) with basic questions about electrical and plumbing

    They are Very EASY to replace, pull out-push in!
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    First time boat owner (Catalina 310) with basic questions about electrical and plumbing

    Congratulations and Welcome!, You will find this is the best place to get answers to your questions-There are NO dumb ones! We all start somewhere and have been there done that! We have owned our 310 for 7 years and are still learning and upgrading. The VHF socket is for a RAM mic, the one above...
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    Moving to the Dark Side

    And Please Recommend our Association to the new owners, Everyone benefits, And you get Mainsheet Plus a BoatUS discount! And you get to share boating challanges with a Great Group!
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    Winterizing the C310 engine?

    Do Not Forget the stern shower and shower sump in the head . I am in fresh water also, leave the impellar in, but we watch the hours on it, Change the oil every year prior to haul out and fuel filters based on hours or what our plans are for the coming sailing season in the spring!
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    Is the C25 capable of traveling from Fort Myers FL, to the Bahamas.

    let us know your choices, on our 25 we could store, had a stove, marine head, safety equipment, vhf etc. and a very compatible crew (Wife!) but as stated it is a longer than a10 minute journey. Buddy Boating is great and we have done that.
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    Is the C25 capable of traveling from Fort Myers FL, to the Bahamas.

    We owned a 1987 Catalina 25 SKTR and we sailed/raced her on Lake Erie (Short choppy steep waves) We were comfortable the years we did so before we moved up to a 310. There are youtube videos of guys crossing the GS on a 25 check it out!
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    Bilge pumps clogged: Fiberglass debris in the hull of my vessel

    Costs money, takes time, for a place most will never visit, at least that is my theory.. and if you find some of the nuts ,bolts, etc that I have lost.....:biggrin:
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    Starboard hanging locker in forward berth

    let us know, I am NOT that courageous, and if that is worth all the work for what you will accomplish?
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    Sad day, and no way to fix

    As srimes said you maybe better off selling all the parts, it is more work BUT you may end up with a greater reward!
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    A week in Jamaica

    Jesse and Stacy are our heros, They have done it right..and safely They have alot to be proud of!
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    Handle sticks

    Use mineral oil or head lube
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    C310/315 IA Membership Pages Updated

    Thanks Curt for your continued work for the organization and encouraging others to get the most from owning a Catalina 310/315 by joining the other owners. We are in season 7 and have NOT been disappointed either by the boat, the friends we have made from other owners, or the Owners association...