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    C310/315 IA Membership Pages Updated

    Thanks Curt for your continued work for the organization and encouraging others to get the most from owning a Catalina 310/315 by joining the other owners. We are in season 7 and have NOT been disappointed either by the boat, the friends we have made from other owners, or the Owners association...
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    Handle sticks

    Thanks everyone I will let you know the solution
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    Handle sticks

    On my friends Capri 26 he states his handle sticks pushing down to flush, I told him make sure he is pumped out! but than I thought about head lube for him, using mineral oil, I have not seen it. My thought also went to clogged vent loop, boat pretty much sat out all last season and he is a new...
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    We have replaced a couple of our gauges, but also love the voltmeter in the cabin , checks volts in both batteries, FOR REAL!
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    Good Read!

    Let me know what you think, I found it fascinating about sailors/sailing more than 275 years ago. when life was cheap!
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    Good Read!

    Our son and I exchange books and I have read Joshua Slocums Book, Our son gave me to read: "Log of the Centurion" by Leo Heaps Based on the original papers of Captain Philip Saumarez on board HMS Centurion, Lord Ansons flagship during his circumnavigation 1740-1744. This is based on his daily...
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    Catalina 315

    Thats a Great trip, We sailed to Mackinac last year, gone 6 weeks, still married :biggrin:
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    Introduction and first question

    We use OTC Chewable Bonine-You should be able to get it CVS,Walgreens,ETC as compared to Dramamine. Flashlight,skull cap (beanie), pull apart licorice, First Aid kit, Go to your Dr. and ask for 600 mg IBuprofen in case of serious injury to take the edge off of pain-Non Narcotic and Non...
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    Catalina 315

    When you can keep us updated and Or Write a travel log to get published in Mainsheet! Looking forward to hear of your Destination also!
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    How Do I turn off my Catalina 310 cockpit lights?

    That is exactly how ours work, Flip the switch once its Red, off and on again its white! Do not understand that technology works But we like it! We use the Red when we leave the boat-out to cocktail hour sail at night etc. we researched blue and it did not seem to fit BUT for MOOD...
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    Schaefer 2100 furling line

    Leo, is that what the specs call for? Seems real long.... But what the heck do I know?
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    How Do I turn off my Catalina 310 cockpit lights?

    Curt the lights are a 2 pin bulb, you just-gently pull the bulb out and replace the bulb with a led red/white I got our first lights from cruising solutions but going to try marine beam for our next set-going to replace 2 more. They work great and are...
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    How Do I turn off my Catalina 310 cockpit lights?

    Ours is 2001 Hull #155 and does NOT have that though the red LED lights in the cockpit do sound interesting AS long as you can switch them on or off. We converted all of our interior lights to red/white LED and it is a Great upgrade!
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    Head Door "Sticks"

    No Place to get Stuck!
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    Four glorious days in the Lake Erie Islands!

    We are 6' above chart datum!-Lake Erie has no tides and is the Shallowest of the Great Lakes, Hence the steep short choppy waves which can build occaisionally to 8-10', nobody goes out in that , its storms, but not going there. We in Lake Erie also have islands! It is said if you sail the Great...