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    Ericson 38 Shroud U-Bolt sheared off from Deck. Wondering if this UBolt is threaded into the deck? Or is it welded... Any advice?

    Definitely not "threaded into the deck." And yes the EYO forum will be by far the best place to get your questions answered on this.
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    Inflatable tender

    What is your main use for it? Just simple transportation to get ashore from a mooring or when at anchor? I like the 4-stroke Honda 2.3 hp air cooled engine. It is light (29 lbs.) and there is no impeller/water pump to worry about. The carb can be finicky due to ethanol, but if you make a point...
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    Yanmar Stalling on Citation 35

    When you shift from F to R and R to F, do you pause briefly in neutral?
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    Tiller Pilots

    Consider the Pelagic. Much more robust than the Raymarine.
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    Universal Diesel Fuel Pump Question

    Electric pumps are highly reliable--or at least the highly reliable ones are! For example, the Facet Gold Flo are quite good. Plus, I don't think electric fuel pump failures are all that common as a rule, and I read a few different sailing fora daily. Sure, it happens, but not that often...
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    Universal Diesel Fuel Pump Question

    It appears that previous owner swapped out the mechanical lift pump with an electric one and covered over the location where the lift pump originally was. This is not a bad thing. I, too, replaced the mechanical lift pump on my Yanmar 1GM with an electric pump. There are a few good reasons for...
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    Can’t get yanmar 3GMF above 2200 rpm under load question

    Regarding your point #4: I'm assuming that you have some kind of a Racor filter upstream of your on-engine filter. Depending on which Racor model you have, it's possible that there could be a hairline crack in the housing that is introducing air into the system. I could also imagine that the...
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    Specific Weather Question

    Isthmus Cove is a dangerous lee shore in Santa Ana (NE) conditions. It is not the place to be. If you are there and a Santa Ana is forecast but not yet arrived, your best bet is to head around the West End to Catalina Harbor on the back side of the Island. It is wonderfully sheltered in a Santa...
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    Anti overflow valve in fuel vent line?

    Does it look like this?
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    confused as to what to look for in a blue water boat

    My memory may be hazy, but if I recall they did it on a Cal 25.
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    Can’t get yanmar 3GMF above 2200 rpm under load question

    I appreciate your graciousness, Denise. Yeah, old fuel tanks do get sludge. But for whatever reason I haven't had that problem--yet--in my 1984 Ericson, even though it's the original tank, i.e., 37 years old! I do treat the fuel with biocide consistently, but who knows what the previous owners...
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    Can’t get yanmar 3GMF above 2200 rpm under load question

    Sorry you took offense at this. None was intended. I chimed in in relation to your post because it seemed to me that he really did not check point #3. (You question: "Number 3, how did you check?") My comment was not aimed at your advice--which seems just fine to me, by the way--but was more of...
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    Can’t get yanmar 3GMF above 2200 rpm under load question

    Or, he could have done what I suggested and purchased a small plastic gas can at Home Depot or Pep Boys for ~$15 to use as a temporary tank, together with two pieces of new fuel hose (one for pickup and the other for return), and bypass the tank and the pickup tube altogether. As it is, I think...
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    Yanmar 3GMF still can’t get above 2200 Rpm question ?

    To rule out the pickup tube and crap in your tank: Get yourself a small plastic gas can. Just stick a (preferably new) fuel line into the can and hook it up to your engine's lift pump. Then reroute your return line to also go into this temporary tank. See what happens.