Mar 30, 1949 (Age: 72)
State or Province where your boat is moored
Port Kent, NY
Ericson 28/2 Reba Gee 1987 NY US Port Kent Mid sixties. Saling since 77. Gentleman weekend sailer with my wife. Hobby, restoring sailing basket cases. 1981 E-28+ will be my last project. Previous projects 1930's all wood 16ft. Comet, 1970's Lippincott Lightning 19ft., 1950's Vataroy Amphibette 25ft., 1973 Ericson 27. Abandoned the 81' E-28+ project. Cost overruns. Picked up the dismasted 87' E-28 and used the 81' mast to make it whole again. It will see water in 2015. Male Semi retired Hearth Retailer


Al Frakes
E-28 Reba Gee
Port Kent, NY