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    Review of 303 High Tech Fabric Guard for Sunbrella

    Zeus, I was hoping to put some of this on the upholstery that came with the boat but the covers are now on the cushions and I don't want to remove them. Is it advised to not do so because it cause harm to the foam?
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    Merry Christmas from the family

    Happy Christmas to you and yours Kermie....and to all on this forum!
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    How A Raccoon Celebrates Thanksgiving On A Boat

    Wow! That's quite a story you have to tell over the years!!! At least you are both laughing. Maybe there is one or more racoons floating face down in the water somewhere. Coffee beans and booze...amazing the racoon made it out the portlight to leave!
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    My story about buying new sails

    Ward, thanks for this. I too read it all and am have copied and pasted this for future reference.
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    Boat Without Autohelm - Your Thoughts

    Thanks so much Leslie. The boat has so many other great features and would suit us very well but it is nice to know that should we want to venture further than our regular day sailing, the possibility of our doing this ourselves at much more reasonable rate could be in our future!
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    Boat Without Autohelm - Your Thoughts

    My skipper husband is very handy and this he would be able to do himself. The $8,000.00 must involve labour as we thought that was quite steep. Just really beginning to look into this as all this happened yesterday and I always appreciate the knowledge and various viewpoints freely given in this...
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    Boat Without Autohelm - Your Thoughts

    Stu : I am asking because I always appreciate the various points of view that are expressed here. The skipper and I are very new to sailing, slightly over one year. All of this happened over the weekend in the thick of mast de-stepping (we are a volunteer club)and so of course, no time to shop...
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    Boat Without Autohelm - Your Thoughts

    It looks like we found a boat to replace our current boat but it does not have an autohelm and we are told by the current owner that it would cost $8,000.00 to put one in. It does have however depth, wind, chartplotte instruments & VHF radio. What are your thoughts about not having an autohelm...
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    Boat Repairs seem insane

    We would never have bought the boat if the skipper wasn't able to do the work himself as it would be not be feasible for us financially. The P.O. gave us bills of previous work done on the boat as he was not handy that way...I was astonished at $$$$$$ he spent.
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    Off Set Prop Shaft : Pros and Cons

    Thanks to all three of you for taking the time to give your feedback. Capta - Your answer made up our minds! We will pass on this boat. We are new enough to sailing, the last thing we need would be a boat that we would have such trouble handling! Again, many thanks.
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    Off Set Prop Shaft : Pros and Cons

    Someone expressed interest in buying our boat and there is a 1972 C&C 35' for sale that was recommended to us to go and see. It has an off set propeller shaft and there seems to be varying opinions about wether or not this is a good feature. Appreciate all thoughts on this please and thank you.
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    Cabin re-do on S2 23

    The residual glue and some fuzz left behind was worse in the v-berth for some reason and quite difficult to pull off. Those walls were sanded in those areas fuzzy areas and auto body filler put on some patches. This allowed the panels to adhere to the velcro strips.
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    Cabin re-do on S2 23

    If by carpeting you mean the stuff glued onto the walls, I removed it all last year when we purchased the boat. The stuff was 31 years old, and had stains on some of it from dirt, some from mold (water leakage) etc... I painted the walls with a paint that has mildew inhibitors. For the v-berth...
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    Starter Switch problem?

    We experienced that a month ago with our Yanmar. With the help of our dock neighbour who told us to check the fuse, we did and so and that indeed was the problem. Now I know why there were extra fuses left by the P.O.
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    Be wary rafting to Canada

    Thank goodness there were no casualties! Quite the party though, 1500! They'll have a tale to tell over the years!