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    What is the biggest motor I can use?

    I own a Mac X with the Honda BF50. I'm surprised you could not get on plane with your Merc 50. Can you gestimate your weight? The reason I ask, is that if your that heavily loaded, other safety factors may come into play. If this were me (and it was a couple of years ago), I would make sure...
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    I did it!! I bought the Mac 26X!

    Congrats and welcome.... Thats a nice looking boat. I was wondering the same...Where is Woodinville? edit: Washington?
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    Discrestion is...

    Stick with your "gut". If your not feeling it...don't go. I do the same with motorcycling. I think Kloudie1 nailed it....Wisdom.
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    Close call...

    High winds, broken mast, 9 year old boy, capsized by rescue ship....The makings of a heck of a story. I generally do not trust huff post for fact checking, ect. But this sounded like a very scary event. Fair...
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    Southern Right-of-Way Rules

    Me too.....:cry:
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    Southern Right-of-Way Rules

    To end, boating safety is with the captain, and the captain is determined by who paid for the boat! Not the classes taken, experience, or other more important factors! I remember being care free with my first boat purchase, thinking "what harm can I do at 6 knots to anyone?" I was wrong, and so...
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    Southern Right-of-Way Rules

    Good so far... I have noticed that here on Lake Murray that people (motoring or sail) are courteous. I have not had to take drastic measures yet, but I was mostly sailing during the week, and off season. I hope it stays that way.:dance:
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    Pirate Ship Theme- Good Idea or Bad?

    I say go for it. Life is short, make your dreams come true. You will have fun. Instead of painting your boat, see if a company makes removable graphics that will make things easier on the wallet, and you can change things up periodically. Just my $2000 dollars
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    Galley Fire

    Very glad no one seriously injured, and fast/calm thinking prevented a terrible outcome. Fire safety is often thought about, but not often practiced IMO. Its hard to keep your wits when YOUR on fire, as well as your boat. We had a house fire, and a small fire can double/quadruple/ect every...
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    Maiden Voyage!

    Awesome pic's!! Glad you had fun. When I helped a friend with his X, it took about 40 min. to set everything right. IMO who cares if its 40-120 min...get it right, make SURE your prepared correctly, everything as it should be. Then recheck your safety gear...just cuz. That ensures a fun and...
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    Another Newbie

    Thank you Cruiser1....Thats exactly the one!!
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    Another Newbie

    the boat hasn't been on the water since 2007! Good luck on your first trip. I found a very complete checklist on this site for launching/mast raising, anchoring, ect. I would post a link, but i'm unsure how. It may help you avoid some mistakes, and save you a few $$.:) Rich
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    Another Newbie

    The colors are amazing here in pennsylvania (where I work) but I'm exited to get out and view out from the waters of Michigan! Did you move from Michigan? I lived in Michigan (Detroit/Livonia/Farmington Hills) for 40 years. We had a great opportunity to move to SC and took the plunge. This is...
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    Another Newbie

    Welcome to the forum. Let us know how the buying process goes as I am looking also. You must be deep into fall colors and cooler weather about now. (just moved from your area). Good luck!!
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    Today was my second day of sailing instruction on the water. In the morning, very little wind, mostly in irons (good time to verbalize drills), mid 60's and sunny. In the afternoon, winds SW to 7, hot/sunny, GOOD SAILING!! MOB drills all afternoon...Phew..that wears a guy out. :)