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Yanmar YSM Draincock leaking

Discussion in 'Engines and Propulsion' started by Mighty Little, May 14, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Mighty Little

    Mighty Little

    Joined Jun 11, 2016
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    S2 9.2A
    US Lake Champlain
    Hey everyone - do you have any advice on how to correct a leaky draincock assembly? I'm convinced it's not putting my vessel in immediate danger (above the water line and connected to an unlikely source of flow-through lake water) but I'm also convinced I can't run the motor for any length of time with this much water pouring out of the nozzle.

    I searched this forum as well as my manual but there's no reference for identifying if it's a failed valve or just needs to be tightened or what. I tried to tighten it and damn, it won't budge at all.

    Photo attached. And here's the replacement (I think) but mine looks identical, no way to know if there's something faulty inside I guess.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance....

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  2. Jalepeno


    Joined Mar 2, 2008
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    Cal 25 mk II
    CA T-Bird Marina, West Vancouver
    I have a YSM-12 on my sailboat. Don't know if you normally use the motor drain cock but here on our West Coast we sail year round and don't do "winterizing". A few years ago I loosened the drain cock and no water came out. It was full of rust. Just unscrew the whole assembly, soak it in solvent, disassemble and clean it out. If it is FUBAR, just replace it with a bolt with the matching threads and length.

  3. Mighty Little

    Mighty Little

    Joined Jun 11, 2016
    19 posts, 0 likes
    S2 9.2A
    US Lake Champlain
    Thanks jalapeno, that's basically my plan. Since I'll only need to remove it to winterize at the end of the season I'm hopeful that works.

  4. Claude L.-Auger

    Claude L.-Auger

    Joined Dec 14, 2003
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    Hunter 34
    CA Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
    If you do replace with a bolt, I'd suggest painting the bolt head red so you remember to take it out in the Fall when you winterize the engine.

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