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Yanmar 2GM20F knocking sound

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by Pizzazz, Feb 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Pizzazz


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    Could someone help me diagnose this knocking sound coming from my 2GM20F engine> Halfway through the recording I am playing with the decompression levers to see if the sound changes.

    1) When I lift the the decompression lever for cylinder 1, I get a pulsating feedback on my finger.
    2) When I turn the crankshaft by hand, slowly, at a certain position, I can hear a spring sound, such as tsk-tsk-tsk, once per revolution.

    Thank you,
    SV Pizzazz

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  2. nveater


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    I must not be hearing it but it really sounds like a normal 2 cylinder diesel to me- sorry:(

  3. Cowpokee


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    Yep, sounds just like my engine.
    That tsk-tsk-tsk sound could mean your valve lash could use some adjusting.

  4. kloudie1


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    I don't hear a problem either except as Cowpoke says, check the valve clearances..
    Sometimes a phone recording will not catch some low freq transients.. could be you are hearing a tired motor mount that is not coming through on the recording?

  5. Claude L.-Auger

    Claude L.-Auger

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    Was engine warm or was the recording done just after start-up. My engine (3GM30F) sounds like yours until it has reached normal operating temp.

  6. Whatfiero1


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    Owners Manuel requires adjusting valve lash every 100 hr. Because there are no hydraulic lifters solid pushrods require maintained clearance.

  7. Bill Roosa

    Bill Roosa

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    Kinda hard to tell which sound is which without some narrative on when things are happening. with that said, if the engine was warm I'd check the valve lash, if the engine was cold then warm it up and see if the noise gets less loud. Just as a diagnostic tool the valve noises are at half the frequency of the piston noises so if you have a view of the crank you can tell which system is causing the noise. 600 RPM is 10 revs per second on the crank and 5 / sec on the valve train. You can actually count that with some practice BTW.

  8. pateco


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    It sounds just like my 1983 2GM.

    How hard is this to do?

  9. Whatfiero1


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    Adjusting the valves is easy especially if you can get good access to top engine. There's. you tube videos on it and lots info on line

  10. Amos Cape

    Amos Cape

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    I’m no mechanic I did it to my 2QM15. It made a big difference on how it ran. I also changed the injectors at that time.

  11. Ralph Johnstone

    Ralph Johnstone

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    This is copied from the Yanmar shop manual.

    Yanmar Shop Manual.JPG

    Please state and show your sources.

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  12. Ralph Johnstone

    Ralph Johnstone

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    This is from the manual but a little difficult to read. It's a slow picky job which just takes patience. The fact that the adjusting screw is national coarse makes it a little more challenging.

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  13. Whatfiero1


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    I stand corrected. But still a necessary service

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  14. Allan12210


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    Best to purchase a new valve cover gasket and the O-rings for the hold down knobs as well.
    It's an easy task and if it hasn't been done in a long time you will hear a noticeable change in the rattle these engines make.

    When you peek through the hole in the back on the clutch cover and locate the timing mark, use a magic marker on the crank shaft pulley to make a reference mark. Then when you rotate to the next cylinder position make another mark. It makes locating the top dead centers easier the next time. I think I got that idea from Ralph. It was a picture he posted.

    If the rockers (both exhaust and intake) for the appropriate cylinder are still tight you have to rotate the engine one more revolution to get that piston to top dead center. Then proceed with the adjustment.

    I used a 1-1/16" socket on a breaker bar to rotate the engine. I can't remember if once the valve cover is off if that releases the compression. Maybe. It makes it easier to turn.

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  15. Ken Cross

    Ken Cross

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    I pull the decompression lever to make turning it over easy.


  16. Sailm8


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