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Wow, look at this sail twist!

Discussion in 'Sail Trim with Don Guillette' started by Brian S, Feb 16, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Brian S

    Brian S

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    Here's a picture of the F4 foiling catamaran (an evolution of the old Gunboat G4 which flipped in Antigua a few years ago...) It's reportedly "at 30 knots" which I assume is boat speed, not TWS or AWS. Note how the main and the jib are mostly sheeted for close reaching, which makes sense as the apparent wind angle moves forward at high boat speeds, yet the tops of the main and jib are SIGNIFICANTLY twisted off, implying they are bleeding of a lot of power due to higher true wind speeds. Based on the sea state, with white caps, this makes sense. Also, note the true wind angle looks somewhere around 145ยบ or so, based on wave direction.


    Photo from:

  2. kappykaplan


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  3. Gene Neill

    Gene Neill

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    New desktop wallpaper. :)

  4. rgranger


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    You could probably ski behind that.....

  5. Meriachee


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    Looks oddly like the hulls are upside down.

  6. Jackdaw


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    They're not going 30 knots with that sail trim. The apparent would be so far forward they would look more like an iceboat. Think about the vector math, and the wind speed that would have to be there to have the sail fill at that angle with 30kts boat speed.

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  7. Brian S

    Brian S

    Joined Nov 9, 2012
    2,274 posts, 127 likes
    Oday 192
    US Lake Nockamixon
    Ok, yeah, they musta meant "sailing in 30 knots." I dunno, that sea state looks pretty tame for 30 knots, doesn't it? Looks more like Beaufort force 5 than force 7 to me. Still, pretty cool they are busting along at very high speed (look at the spray around the foils) with that amount of twist.

  8. thinwater


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    ^^ I'm with Jackdaw. I had a cat that would reach at over windspeed.

    If the wind is 12 knots sustained with higher gusts (guessing), and the true wind angle is 155 (looks pretty deep to me), and app wind angle is 50-60, they're going 150-170% of wind speed, but not much more. I'd buy low 20s at times. I'm sure they seen 30s.

    My old Stiletto would have had the chute up, app wind about 70 degrees, and about 15-17 knots in 12-15 true. This is faster than that.

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