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Winter Cold Snap

Discussion in 'Weather and Forecasting' started by JamesG161, Jan 30, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. JamesG161


    Joined Feb 14, 2014
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    Hunter 430
    US Waveland, MS
    If you notice, most coastal areas are being protected by our Solar Energy collecting Oceans.
    Wed evening...

    Don't worry this is Monday's forecast...

    What me worry? High of 80° within a week.

    Time to sail soon...:)

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  2. Brian D

    Brian D Moderator

    Joined Feb 17, 2006
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    Lancer 27PS
    US MCB Camp Pendleton, Ca KF6BL
    Yeah, but those solar collectors are heating up the atmosphere. We are due for some serious rain fall tomorrow then ALL DAY Saturday. When that is done, it will move east for some more snow fall.

  3. Meriachee


    Joined Aug 1, 2011
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    Catalina 270
    CA Wabamun - on the orange ball
    Good to see that Monday puts us back in the deep freeze where we usually are in February.

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  4. JamesG161


    Joined Feb 14, 2014
    3,466 posts, 1,221 likes
    Hunter 430
    US Waveland, MS
    This is a picture from North Dakota's snow storm, yesterday.

    My caption...
    "Hey, honey, where did we put our snow shovel?"


    PS: We ate tender fresh broccoli from our winter garden, last night.:pimp:

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  5. Daveinet


    Joined Sep 20, 2014
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    Rob Legg RL24
    US Chain O'Lakes
    It was so cold, the remote start on my Jeep rejected me. Hit the button, and it just beeped back, but would not even try to start. turned the key and it started find. Evidently below a certain temperature, they disable the remote start.

  6. Justin_NSA


    Joined Jul 7, 2004
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    Hunter 30T
    US Cheney, KS

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