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Windlass on Oday 35?

Discussion in 'Bigger Boats' started by rajhnsn, Mar 1, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. The Tanqueray

    The Tanqueray

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    BS Freeport, Bahamas
    I thought about this as well and that's why I added an extra winch as low as possible on the mast. I mounted it low so most of the pull would be transferred to the mast shoe and not to the rigging. However, I doubt it's worth worrying about. The wind force on the bow of your sailboat at 40 knots is only 205 pounds. Here's an online calculator of wind force and other anchoring data
    I don't like an electric windlass - if you have one - keep anyone you like away from it. If you must have one, get a manual one.
    However, if your bow is pitching up and down 4ft in waves, then most bets are off.

  2. eherlihy


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    Oday 35
    US Barrington
    If my bow is pitching up and down 4ft in waves, I either picked the wrong spot or the wrong time to leave. ;)

  3. Richard19068


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    Thanks for the insight.
    I would think it's less a matter of wind speed than it is the dead weight of the anchor and chain. I wouldn't contemplate breaking out the anchor from the bottom using the mast winch. Motor up to vertical collecting that rode by hand, break out using the deck cleat and swell motion and then raise via the mast winch. Having a purpose mounted winch low on the mast for the anchor sounds good but I'm trying to make do with what I have. Thus the thoughts about capacity of the existing main halyard winch.

  4. rajhnsn


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    US Chesapeake Bay
    Thanks for these ideas and cautions so far. I've used a electric windlass on a few different without any problems. There is much to think about for a seemingly simple tool.

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