What, besides Sailing, is a hobby for you ?

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    I don't know the difference. I have always used Flickr, can't really remember why I started with it years ago, it was always free and never had the need to try other photo sharing sites. Flickr recently added a photo limit that you had to pay once you passed and I was way over, so I'm paying for this page. But I got several more that are still free. And it's only like 10 bucks a year or something like that.

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    There's something else to do besides sailing? Oh wait...drinking, almost forgot that. And sex. Sleep is underrated, eating is overrated. Telling lies qualify?

  3. Tally Ho

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    My problem is that both of my toys are “summer” toys...


    Lots of things to do in the summer...


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    Swells in Florida were always better in Winter. The offshore wind kept them nice and clean.

  5. MikeHoncho


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    I've been a wood worker for about 15 years. I have built a wood shop in my shop that has paid for itself (tools and shop) several times over. I built all of the cabinets in my house ( inset face frame out of maple, mahogany and oak. I also enjoy RC planes and photography.

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  6. kmart


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    ok so in the off season when the boat is covered for the long norther winters...
    Still related to sailing... I'm a model Shipwright.
    Make models of Tall Ship's like the USS Constitution( working on now)
    Or HMS Victory.
    P1010003.JPG 20171006_174729.jpg

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  7. Project_Mayhem


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    On top of working full time I also run a small audio/video/lighting company. Sleep and sanity is a luxury but a decent shop full of tools is essential

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  8. vidalia


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    My husband and I do community theatre. We were thinking in retirement, we can sail from port to port auditioning for plays we are interested in, and stay if we were cast, other wise sail on to the next town!

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  9. Joe


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    Love playing piano, dabble at composing and getting together at jam sessions. I'm a horrible golfer but sometimes I forget that and get out to the links anyway....
    I enjoy reading.... if that can be called a hobby... especially historical fiction such as Patrick O'Brian and that genre.
    I'm in the process of redesigning my workshop and look forward to building more useless woodworking projects..... but I do love my power tools.
    I've always loved video games.... and at age 72 I feel like I invented them... from pong, breakout, centipede all the way up to the incredible action games we see now... such as Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption II, Fallout 4..... It's been an incredible evolution and I feel lucky to connect to all ages of gamers.... you would be astounded at how many different types of people enjoy them.... men, women, old, young,,,..but we're all the same when we talk about video gaming.
    That's just a few of my interests.... I honestly think that sailors are more sophisticated and self sufficient..... it just comes with the evolution the sailing experience provides.
    When I was much younger I was a model railroader... I'm still an avid reader of the mr publications and will go visit the large clubs when the opportunity arises.. but my passion has waned as space and time evaporated over the year.
    IMHO, fishing and golf are the two most dangerous hobbies.... they can be all consuming and take you away from the family, unless you can find a way to share with them..... which is very very difficult. oh well.

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  10. RussC


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    Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? o_O

  11. Brian D

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    I venture off in several hobbies.

    I am a practicing Studio Photographer with a home studio (lights, camera, sit still will ya?)

    I am also a starving musician.

    And my wife has turned me into the gardener. Right now it is growing season and I am nursing lantana flowers intermixed with plumeria trees and 1 each orange, lemon, and persimmon trees.

    Sailing? Who has time for that! LOL

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  13. walt


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    Both my wife and I enjoy Cactus gardening during the winter.. From about mid March until early May we get flowers. A single flower might bloom one day only, some bloom for up to maybe three days but with enough cactus and different types, we get daily flowers. This garden is about four years old now and the pictures are all from this spring. Extremely low water use.

    sb1.jpg sb2.jpg sb3.jpg sb4.jpg sb5.jpg

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  14. dlochner


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    There is something to do besides sailing?

    Over the past few years I have become involved in the restoration/completion of a 65' steel schooner that may someday become a tall ship training program for youth. It has been a real learning experience.


    Since retiring Susan and I have been traveling. Italy, Hawaii (2x), England & Scotland, Maine, Cape Cod, Adirondacks, NYC and a few other places. And of course annual sailing trips on the Lake.

    I've also been dabbling in creating video, far more challenging than I first expected. I have a lot more respect for the YouTubers out there! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdqgWAUaixLCFVMj4mCQaqA/featured?disable_polymer=true

    Good Old Boat magazine has been generous and paid me for a few pieces I wrote.

    And from time to time I update my websites, SV-SecondStar.net and NauticalReads.com

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  15. Kermit


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    I grow and sometimes hybridize daylilies. I also spend a lot of time studying the Apollo program. I’m particular interested in Apollo 16.

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  16. FDL S2

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    In fall I hunt. During the winter and early spring I work on vehicle projects-I'm rebuilding a 302 to replace the tired one in my truck. I also run a few 5 and 10k races to keep myself honest about fitness. I'm also in the middle of a house remodel. Not sure which of those qualify as hobbies, but they keep me busy.

  17. PotomacDaysailer


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    I absolutely think that can be classified as a hobby - I am currently re-reading the POB canon (a.k.a. the Aubreyad) for oh about the 6th or 7th time - always find new stuff.
    I do Uber driving quite a bit, sort of a job/hobby - doesn't pay well but helps with cash flow and you meet some interesting/crazy people and learn a lot about the area - actually I combine the two, read while waiting for pings.

  18. Ward H

    Ward H

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    I’ve been in model railroading all my life. O scale up to about 2005 when I moved outside to G scale garden railroading. This in turn led to a Koi pond and gardening.
    We’ve always had flower gardens with a focus on Daylillies.
    When we started sailing in 2012 that became our primary hobby but this year I’m trying to find a good balance between sailing, gardening and the trains.

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  19. MikeHoncho


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    Have you ever listed to the Space Rocket History Podcast? It sounds like it right down your alley. It's super indepth.

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  20. jssailem


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    Heard they Filmed Clint Eastwood growing and hybridizing daylilies. Then he found a lucrative hobby.
    Don’t go down the route of Clint.

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